Top Private Jets to buy

The best private jets to buy

The new year brings a whole series of new private aircraft for sale. Most expensive private jet in the world belongs to the Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. This is when buying a private jet is an ideal way out. If you fly with the private jet charter, you experience a travel comfort, which only those know, which know private jets. High net-worth individuals and companies are beginning to buy used private jet aircraft before they become too expensive.

California is home to seven of the 50 busiest commercial airfields, but there are 24 states on the schedule.

When it comes to private plane departure, California has more top 50 airfields than any other state with seven major cities, such as Van Nuys, Los Angeles International (LAX), Orange County, San Jose, Oakland, Burbank and San Francisco International. With six aerodromes, Texas was in second place - Love Field, Austin, Hobby, San Antonio, Ft. Worth and Addison.

Florida, also with six major airport in the 50 most congested, comprises Palm Beach, Opa-Locka, Ft. Lauderdale Executive, Ft. Lauderdale International, Naples, Miami International and Boca Raton. But when it came to the most congested area, New York struck with 130,230 sailings South Florida (99,197), Los Angeles (82,565), Dallas (66,528) and Chicago (57,268), according to figures from TaqPak.

There were a combined 3,062,634 full sailings in the USA, which included Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Teterboro in the north of New Jersey and Westchester County Airport, both of which serve the New York area, were the two most congested commercial airfields in the country. On average, Teterboro took off 203 of the 356 private jets departing from New York every morning.

Altogether, the 50 most frequented airport areas had 908,548 take-offs, almost 30% of all take-offs. The private sector serves over 5,000 US aerodromes that serve all 50 states. Indeed, 24 states were among the 50 most congested private aeronautical aerodromes. There were seven private jets with double-digit increases at seven major international destinations, with Pittsburgh leading the way with a 25.3% increase in private jets, while the LAX recorded a 24.3% increase.

The Boca Raton (23.8%), Dulles (14.3%), Boston Logan (13.1%), Miami International (12.7%) and Ft. Lauderdale International (11.7%) achieved significant growth. Both Wichita and Charlotte recorded the largest declines, with a 4% decline in take-offs.

Most to the cheapest: Private jet fares

A private plane is the embodiment of luxurious comfort, the ownership of a private plane implies inevitably that the individual is well. What is there but an inexpensive private plane? Which are the rates for private jets? In fact, the price of private jets varies widely, from the relatively costly to the reasonably reasonable. To get a more complete overview of private jets pricing, please see our listing of the world's most pricey and inexpensive private jets.

Priciest private jets: At a high cost of almost 500 million dollars, the Airbus 380 is the most costly private aircraft in the whole wide range, and also the biggest. And the same aircraft is part of the best airline fleets in the globe such as Singapore and Emirates as well.

An Airbus 380, however, was bought as a private aircraft. Proprietor of this luxury private aircraft is Prinz Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud. The private jets include an lift, a car park for a Rolls Royce, a recital room and a praying room with automatic turning electronics in the direction of Mecca, a private plane really suitable for a princely.

As one of the wealthiest men in the whole wide globe, the Sultan of Brunei naturally possesses one of the most valuable private jets in the whole hemisphere. Boeing 747 base will cost about 100 million dollars, but another 130 million dollars have been spent to build this luxury private aircraft. The Sultan also has a wide range of private jets, two Airbus A340s and one 767, but the Boeing 747-430 is his biggest and most costly private aircraft.

It is one of the most attractive private jets in the whole wide open air, and also one of the most costly, the basic version of this aircraft begins at 153 million dollars. The Hong Kong property magnate Joseph Lau own this private aircraft, it is a floating fantasy. A new Gulfstream III has a basic cost of about $65 million, but US production, acting and directing executive Tyler Perry spends another $60 million to turn his cinema into a floating theatre.

Donald Trump's 100 million dollar private jets are one of the most costly private jets to fly in the sky today. This 43-seater private aircraft is equipped with the latest electronics and has the whole range of items bearing the company name. With 24 carat gold-plated safety harnesses and a built-in multi-plex film system with a 1,000 film collection and a 52 in. shallow monitor, this aircraft is definitely luxury.

Inexpensive private jet: If you look at this small airplane, you see the big price differential for private jets, it's almost shocking! You can buy this nice private aircraft for just $2 million. Thanks to its groundbreaking lightweight design, it has the biggest window of any lightweight one.

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