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Some of the most popular aircraft are listed in our five cheapest private jets available today. What does a private jet cost? Throughout the Golden Age of aviation, flight was a flamboyant experience with well clothed occupants, ample leg room and a cocktail in real glass. Today's travellers may mourn the end of this legendary era, but it is not over yet - you only have to travel privately. Privately owned jets give private travellers the liberty to travel the globe as they please and set off for a short holiday in the Caribbean at the last moment or a last-minute meet-up.

Fly without having to worry about business timetables and congested airfields to make your experience enjoyable and trouble-free. How much does a private plane cost? No matter whether you buy your own plane or charter a plane for a particular journey, many different things influence the cost of private time. This article takes a look at these cost and at some of the current aircrafts available through ACS.

The Air Charter Services has partnered with Jet Advisors to leverage its broad aviation expertise to help customers buy and resell private jetliners. Providing the most complete new and used aeroplane sale and procurement services on the private and corporate markets. Below are some of the private jet models currently available through our distribution department:

Privately owned aircraft can be small turbo-props or lightweight aircraft, medium-sized or supermiddle aircraft, large aircraft or luxurious executives. For longer journeys, small aircraft have to stop and fill up, which increases costs and journey times. However, bigger aircraft are costly to fly when the average flying duration is shorter.

Next, you should consider whether you want a new or used airplane. For example, a brand-new Cessna Citation M2, a seven-seater lightweight plane, will cost about $4.5 million at a basic rate; the Learjet 75, a favorite nine-seater mid-size plane, will cost about $13.5 million; and the ultra-luxurious Gulfstream G650, a 10-seater lightweight plane, will cost $64.5 million.

The 17-seater Bombardier Global 6000 will cost $60 if a purchaser is planning to travel with more than that. The life span of an airplane is rather determined in flying and landing times than in old-age so private planes are often able to survive for years. A lot of purchasers decide to buy a used airplane in order to save money.

Cost is not yet exhausted. As soon as the plane is bought, the biggest expenditure for the owner is the plane servicing, which can cost several hundred thousand to several million dollar per year. Among the extra charges for private jets are security checks, insurances, fuel, cabin room as well as the wages and charges for pilots and manning.

And if you want to customise the passenger compartment of your plane, it can be done at a high cost, with a premium cab designed to cost up to $100 million. In view of the high cost of ownership of an airplane, private plane charter is a much better choice for the vast majority of travellers as it provides all the comfort of private plane transport without the cost of maintenance of an airplane.

Whereas private jets also bear expenses such as petrol, ground services, landings, crew charges and passengers tax, owners bear the cost of costly upkeep. Travellers can save money when renting a private plane by selecting the best plane for each trip. In this way, travellers can make sure that the plane they choose is always the cheapest one.

Please see our articles for more information on how much it will cost to rent a private plane. But not every plane can take all directions. Minor jets require a bigger plane to be chartered or a longer range flight to be booked commercially. In addition, aerodromes such as St. Bart's and Courchevel have short take-off and landing strips that are not suited for certain types of aeroplane.

Travellers travelling on private jets can be sure that their plane is always suitable for their destinations. Privately chartered jets can also take full benefit of "empty flights", which occur when a one-way chartered plane returns to the airframe, or continues to another point for the next reservation.

Blank leg offers an exceptional rebate, sometimes up to 75% on the cost of a normal charters, otherwise the aircraft would fly empty. If you have any queries about the cost of chartering a private aircraft, please contact us. With our experts we will make you an individual quotation and help you select the best aircraft for each of your trips.

What kind of private plane is right for you? When it comes to the cost of an aeroplane, the largest indication is its magnitude. Extremely small engines are turbo-props and lightweight planes built for localization. Travellers looking for enough room to move around in the cab can choose a medium-sized or supermid-dimensional plane that can accommodate seven to nine people.

Although it determines the number of people that an airplane can carry, it is also an indication of the airplane's cruising distance. Many small planes have a small cruising distance, so they have to stop to recharge on longer journeys. That increases the cost and travel itinerary. However, a large plane has high cost of propellant and is not the cheapest alternative for a private trip.

A few small planes are optimised for longer ranges and other large planes are lessicient. A new private plane comes at a very different rate. Some of the most beloved planes are on our five cheapest private planes available today. Ascent to the heavier planes, the Embraer Legacy 650 is listet at $25.

The Gulfstream G650 has a strike value of 64.5 million dollars for an even more sophisticated heavier plane. The 17-seater Bombardier Global 7000 costs $73 million if you are looking for a deluxe plane with ultra-long wings. Do you need to buy a new or used plane? A private aircraft's service life is not calculated in years.

Because of this, shoppers can often find an older aircraft in good shape at a much lower cost than a new one. Among the advantages of owning a private aircraft is the liberty to equip the cabins of your private aircraft exactly as you wish. It may mean that you need to adjust the number of seating to fit your perfect familiy, or enjoy an outrageous private jets room.

Heaven is the frontier for private jets adjustments and these indoor spaces can potentially cost tens of billions of dollars. For more information, please see our articles on the cost of an individual private jets cabin. How high are the running cost of a private jets? As soon as you own the plane of your dream, you have to buy the operation.

Permanent expenses such as hangar, insurances and security checks. However, there are also a number of different cost factors which refer to the number of flying lessons. This includes the cost of fuels, servicing, landing charges and per-hour pilot and flight crewships. A lot of homeowners choose to rent their private aircraft when they are not in use to cover the cost.

Although this can indeed conserve monies for the owners, it also includes a one-month charge to a managing body for the operation of the charters. Shall I consider hiring a private plane? In view of the high cost of owning a private plane, renting it is a better choice for the vast majority of travellers. Privileged private charters benefit from the advantages without incurring costly service charges.

Whilst there are charges when a traveller is flying on a plane charters - such as petrol, ground services, hangingar space, crewing expenses and visitor tax - the avoidance of service charges can help you avoid costing billions in the long run. In addition, travellers on chartered jets can freely select the perfect airplane for each trip.

For example, the best private plane for a journey from New York to the Hamptons will differ from the best plane for a long-haul journey from New York to Los Angeles. With a good private aircraft charters firm, you can help select the right aircraft for each itinerary.

What does it cost to hire a private plane? For example, a brief trip from New York Teterboro to Montauk in a turbo prop like a Cessna Grand Caravan 208B could cost about $3,100. Since the plane offers nine places, the cost per passenger is quite appropriate. An eight-seater Citation CJ2+ will cost you approximately $17,500 and take you there in two and a half hour.

Twelve-seater Challenger 601 could cost about $48,000 and rank 12. How these samples show, the cheapest airplane is different for each individual trip. For each flight, airline customers can select the best airplane. In addition, certain aerodromes cannot take all of them. Big airplanes often cannot arrive at an airport with short take-off and landing strips.

That means that large aircraft operators must rent or reserve a plane with a merchant carrier when flying to demanding destinations. Please see our articles for more information on how much it will cost to rent a private aircraft. Private jets charters offer the additional benefit of "empty flights".

This is one of the best kept mysteries in the private airline business, empty leg pass when a customer book a one-way plane. Since the plane has to return to its home or another destination, the plane would otherwise be empty. Travellers can buy this itinerary as a charters with a large rebate, often up to 75% up.

For more information about empty planes, please see our articles about the best private jets for rent. Want to know more about buying a private plane or chartering a private one? Let our experts help you choose the best plane to suit your needs.

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