How to order a Taxi in Rome

Getting a taxi in Rome

Our company is specialized in transfers from Rome Airport to Ciampino and Fiumicino Airports. Taxis from the port of Civitavecchia to the cities and airports. Taxidrivers and Major Accounts or US Dollar - Rome Forums

The US dollar is not "real money" for Italians and other Europeans. Your credentials: I have never ever seen anyone who would thankfully take it, but it is like the great silver whale: eventually, one day..... Based on my own experiences a few years ago, I think the only way to prevent taxis in Rome from cashing in is to install and use your application.

Many people in Turin are accepting cell phone payment, I suppose we're in luck. Thanks as I am reading about Europe's currency, do what the Romans are doing, use the euro. It'?s the old America-Europe clash, I think. Thank you when I reread about Europe's monetary system, do what the Romans do, use euros.

It'?s the old America-Europe clash, I think. Taxidrivers (and businesses, stores, etc.) in Italy do not take US$, just like their counterparts in the USA do not take Euro or Japan JPY. Although not all cabs have POS, if you wish to make payment by bank transfer, please check before book.

Several taxi cooperatives also allow payments by text message. You' re gonna need euro notes and coins anyway. Maybe you are bringing 200 Euro with you or you are drawing with a direct debit from an ATM at the ATM. Italia is a member of the G20, a contemporary continental state. Keep your $US dollars at home. Few taxi companies in Rome offer the possibility of accepting credits without the possibility of one.

Now you can pay for your stay in the city by using your bank account or using "it taxi" or "my taxi" applications which accepts your card and your bank account.


Through this Taxi Rome portal you can make instant calls and make long distance reservations. Pick ups at airport, railway station, major event or taxi reservation for up to 7 people are available as a " Premier " and " Business " category services at assured flat rates. In addition to the well-known taxi firms with a "City Medaillon Licence", we also cooperate with other wellestablished providers.

They are commonly known as limo services, mini cabins, boro taxis or PHVs. Do you need a taxi or coach? Groups of more than 7 people should order several cars from you. Something you dropped off in a taxi in Rome. Where this is not possible, it is advisable to call the taxi operator or the nearest forwarder.

Chauffeurs are obliged to declare found items here. When and where the chauffeur will take over your belongings if he cannot identity the owners, there is no such thing as a default. This can be the hotel where he collected you, the localsispatcher, the missing persons department or the cops. Finally, the found items should end up either at the nearest policeman or at the nearest find centre.

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