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BD Travel offers you the convenience of roundtrip transportation to and from your hotel! Ranked top attraction in Cancun! Ranked top attraction in Cancun! Fifty-three events, breathtaking exhibits and a show of dolphins! Archeological remains, a porpoise show, horseback riding, a ranch with tropic birdlife, a butterfly enclosure, bats caverns and a breathtaking beaches.

You can also experience an adventurous experience with your knuckles covered in snow, take the military trucks down into the jungles and unwind and swim amid the emerging water of the river Celote!

Get on board this state-of-the-art boat with everything you need for a great adventurous cruise on Isla Mujeres. Savour an open air BBQ and try a tasty culinary luncheon as you cruise and explore all the island of Mujeres' beauties. You' ll be able to take in the mystical side of one of the New 7 Miracles of the World, with a later trip during the course of the morning to jump over the hot summer days and the large crowd.

Saving $40 per capita with the Tour Combo! The snorkelling experience comprises two led trips, the first taking you to a flat cliff where you will have your first encounter with an incredible marine-based eco-system. Is there a better place to record your wonderful and memorable memories than Cancun and the Maya Riviera?

Tulum, is a ramparted stronghold facing the Caribbean Sea and is considered one of the most important harbours of Maya civilisation. Xel-Ha is a thematic marine amusement park where you can discover nature, ecology and aquatics! Flying over the Yucatan Jungle on one of the quickest cable cars ever made!

And for those who have enough, this is the event for you! Snorkelling and the colourful fauna of the sea and the breathtaking scenery of the sea floor are great experiences. Come and join us for the ultimative daily adventures on the Riviera Maya! Have an open air BBQ and a tasty luncheon as we cruise the deep shallow water of the ocean to some of the most scenic off shore destinations along Mexico's breathtaking Canary Island coast.

Make a full days quest on the wonderful Mexican archipelago of Cozumel, where snorkellers can see up to 200 ft of crystals and clear water. Come to Tulum in the mornings with a Tulum Fellow and get one of the most amazing and stunning sights in Mexico! Join the SkyRider for a trip where two persons can safely and comfortably take in the high altitudes of the Cancun skies!

Lean back and marvel at the stunning scenery of the seashore, lake and Cancun' s hotspot. Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventurous realm where porpoises are the way. Explore various types of corals and colourful reefs without treading into the oceans. Aside from the stunningly beautiful mainstay, Cancun is known for its many colourful tropical fishing grounds and other mammals!

Cruise right off the coast as the rays of light set along the magnificent coast of Cancun. Enjoy the stunning views as the purple red sky drops into the luxuriant jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. Climb into the Aqua Twister and enjoy an epinephrine roller coaster with manoeuvres staged by an experienced skipper. With over 400 life-size figures, this submarine exhibition is a timeline of the changes man has experienced in recent ages, both visual and social; live it all in the shallows of the lovely deep sea of the Caribbean! What a journey!

During this half days trip you will be led through the most beautiful and well conserved remains along the Yucatan coast. Our expert guide and small groups will introduce you to the Mayan civilization's and Tulum's rich histories - yet give you half a full working day of relaxation by the swimming pools!

Drive in a pristine environment and observe the local wildlife. There are four different types of caverns, where you can practise various types of activity such as kayaking, zipping line, inner tube, abseiling and snorkeling. Take a chance on an ultimate quest with your own Hummer car!

In addition to the thrill of adrenalin, this trip will allow you to experience civilization, enjoy a gorgeous sandy beach as well as swimming in a crystalcade. Tulum, an absolute must during your sojourn, these remains are a former trading centre of the Mayas on a rocky promontory with views of the magnificent Mexico Caribbean.

If so, explore the underground world of the Maya with our experienced tour leaders. Float in crystalline waters through caverns and tunnel and admire old stone formation. Enter an infinite maze of mystic caverns with complicated corridors created by centuries of geologic work! Don't miss the opportunity to explore some of the breathtaking nature miracles of the Yucatan peninsula!

First, we begin in two of the region's splendid caverns, dolines that uncover the ground water below, for a fresh and exciting soak. A new adventure experience! Take an afternoon excursion to the archeological site of Coba. Coba, the archeological site, is one of the most important Maya ruins on the Yucatan peninsula.

The Coba, a stunning rainforest archaeological site where you can meet an indigenous Maya community. See what it means to be Maya by meeting his arts, sounds and cuisine. Dare to explore the old remains of the Maya and enjoy the wonderful sunsets of Coba! Savour fine dining, all-night gaming, dance and an exceptional show of pirates in a true buccaneer setting, but with the luxuries and finesse of 21 st. centuries technologies.

A unique romantic cruising in Cancun that offers a memorable experience accompanied by stunning vistas, life tunes, exquisite wines and a sumptuous windsurf n' turfs or Hummer dinners. Prepare yourself: airborne aerobatic performers, top of the line bars, film footage screened on high-tech screen, lives hows, DJs making Cancun an amazing place to spend the night!

From the Caribbean to the flat and clear shores of Isla Contoy Island, you' ll find a wealth of marine wildlife that will delight any snorkeller! Get on a bareboat and explore paradise at El Pescador Beach Club, perfect for relaxation in a hanging mat while listening to the roar of the sea and enjoying a freezing, exotic drink.

BD Travel offers you the comfort of return flights to and from your hotels! The joint transport from BD Travel Airport is offered in an air-conditioned hostel..... BD Travel offers the comfort of airport transfers to and from your own airport! BD Travel's airport transport is carried out in an air-conditioned, state-of-the-art Deluxe Mercedes Benz coach or similar with a BD Travel Representative!

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