Transport to Airport

Airport transport

Directions to and from Oslo airports (Gardermoen and Torp): Eliminate parking and traffic to and from Miami International Airport by using one of our cheap and convenient options. soil transport Luggage reclaim terminal at Door 7 to the North. Companies in the transport network (share of travel): Door #3 to #4 on the lane media. Rent a vehicle in front of door # 6. With friendly permission of Lieferwagen: The hotel and minibuses at door 5, dugout at the central lane.

The Madison Metro Bus: In front of door no. 6, there is a stop plate on the main roadway.

Between the North Transfer Point and East Towne Mall, via the airport, Routes 20 run every 30 min on workdays, every hour on weekends, weekend and public holiday. To connect the airport with Madison city center or the UW-Campus, you should take a bus labeled "Route 20 - North Transfer Point".

Busses labeled "Route 20 - West Towne Mall" take travellers to points just east of the airport, as well as the area around the MATC campsite and the West Towne Mall. Please click here to find a route description to the airport. Please click here to find a description of the airport through. Accommodation in the following areas may have a car to arrange your transport to or from Dane County Regional Airport.

Call the politeness telephone on the card between Bag Claims 1 and 2 or call your localtel: you can also call your localtel: they will call you directly:

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