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Enjoy the best taxi app in Hong Kong with the best usability rating. HKTaxi Fly Taxi Consumer Council. The Fly Taxi is the GetTaxi in Hong Kong, the app automatically finds the position of the customer, the customer makes just a few clicks to book a taxi immediately.

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If you use Hong Kong's taxi apps as "frustrating" because you mark the taxis on the road, the Consumers Watch says.

Whilst taxi applications are supposed to be comfortable for the customer, their use can be as disappointing as trying to mark a taxi on the Hong Kong roads, and even more so, they take a lot of personally identifiable information that is not relevant to the services they provide. Consumers Council addressed these issues on Thursday when it published its reviews of seven known taxi hairing applications, among them HKTaxi, Didi Kuaidi, Fly Taxi, God Taxi and SynCab.

Based on the experiences of 80 persons who have undertaken 429 trips, the advice found that HKTaxi is the most trustworthy, with clients almost always receiving a certified reservation. The other six, however, were less strong, so the median certified reservation ratio fell to 79 per cent. 17 per cent fewer than in the previous year. Driver choices were also made - the taxi available depends on the moment of the enquiry, travel distances, travel costs and tips made.

Hongkong has over 18,000 chartered taxi cars in service with an estimate of 40,000 people. However, the use of taxi rides has dropped from 1.3 million a day to about 1 million, which means that riders are raging against the ascent of the riding booster Uber for the theft of their shop. Thursday mornings, 16 members of the North West Taxi Driver and Operators Association demonstrated in front of Hong Kong Hong Kong PD and called on the armed forces to take measures against illegal taxi operators who provide service to the Uber Ap.

Mr. Clement Chan Kam-wing, Chair of the Council's Public Affairs and Communities Affairs Board, said appeals and taxi drivers who want to live must "provide service at the anticipated levels of the market" or else loose. SynCab, which had a 52 per-cent booking ratio for 60 trips solicited, did not agree with the Council's observations.

One spokesperson said she had a finite number of chauffeurs per layer, and her application was not accessible to all taxiers. Much of the business has focused on those customers with specific needs who needed extra assistance, and such trips could be prearranged sooner so that the driver could meet passengers' needs.

"Therefore, it would be unreasonable and unjust to check [our] traffic against other open source taxi applications used by tens of millions of regular taxi drivers," said a SynCab spokesperson. Consumers' Regulatory Authority has lifted its toughest criticisms of the handling of client information by applications and stated that it is "deeply concerned" that confidential information could be shared.

Most of the applications examined asked for the right to gather and retrieve client information that was not related to their businesses, such as gaining and modifying storage cards, gaining photo rights, making telephone calls, personalizing the contacts directory, and download client information without previous experience. Han proposed that the bulk capture of personally identifiable information by the taxi company applications could violate the privacy regulation.

"It is still our opinion that some of them acquire information completely needlessly, completely independent of the service they offer," Chan added, and warned the consumer to read the taxi app accessibility requirements.

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