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Often, at Stilly Night. Often in the silent night Scotch air of Moore's National Melodies; Contributor Names:

Often, at the Stilly Night (Scotch Air) by Thomas Moore.

Often, in the quiet darkness, the Ere Sleeping Necklace tied me up, from other nights around me; the smile, the crying, the years of childhood, the words of affection that were then said; the bright shining, now darkened and gone eye, now broke heart! Thus the Ere snooze necklace tied me up in the quiet sleep of other nights around me.

I saw the buddies, so left'd together, falling around me, like sheets in the winter sun; Leaving some banqueting halls whose lamps have escaped, whose festoons are gone, and all but him have gone! Thus the Ere snooze necklace tied me up in the quiet sleep of other nights around me.

Often in the quiet Scottish air of Moore's National Melodies in the quiet nights

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