Seat Selection Srilankan Airlines

Seating selection Srilankan Airlines

Reservations are free of charge if you travel in Business Class. Previous articles on pre-booking seats with Sri Lanka airlines required you to participate in the fly smiles programme and also receive the flight number. May I change/select my seat during online check-in? Srilankan Airlines allows travellers to pre-select their meals and seats?

Sophisticated Qantas seat selection trick

Qantas members have found a practical Qantas seat selection gimmick that lets you pick almost any seat on the airplane. These include front seat reservations, which are normally only available to Platinum One frequent-flyers and Chairman's Lounge members! It' s a ploy to pick your places on the Sri Lankan Airlines website.

Type your 6-digit Qantas Reservation References (PNR) in "Manage My Booking" on the Sri Lankan Airlines website. Select from all available places of your trip category and then click on "Confirm and Close". You may not be able to make your selection if you select a seat that is already filled by another traveller, and not one that is only locked for selection by Qantas.

In order to make sure that you decide on a free seat, use a website such as the Expert Flyer to first verify the seat card for your trip. The Expert Flyer differentiates between "blocked" and "occupied" sittings. And if you don't have Expert Flyer account, you can make a query in our Seating availability help desk threads.

In 10 and a half nights we (3 people) fly to Sri Lanka and I have previously reserved our places via Qantas on a 737 inland plane, then the 330 to Singapore with the next Sri Lanka outing. So I went to the SL's website to make this seat booking, and I happened to pick places that were open - places A, D and C - on the first inland stage of the Qantas because I thought it was the Singapore to Colombo plane.

The Sri Lankan website seems to allow you to choose the Qantas seating as well. Surprisingly, the places on the QF website have now been reaffirmed as Series 4, which were obviously always locked for me as Silver QC. A member alerts that the choice of seat may not be valid for a plane transfer and there is a chance of being transferred by someone with higher seating levels.

But if QF makes a sub or some kind of modification, the fits can be reallocated from the QF system, but likely if it is there, it will stay. find Nice (accidental). There' s another Qantas Seat Selection feature that gives you entry to the front ranked spots normally reserved for top class repeat pilots - even if you only have Bronze or Silver rank.

As a matter of routine, Qantas provides all travelers with the rest of the "up front" seating around 80 hrs before the planned start of the flights. Matt' s Australian Frequency flyer writer, Matt's love of travelling, has taken him to over 50 countries...with the help of FFP points, of course!

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