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Bird Taxi Silver

In order to meet the market demand for more exclusive taxis, we present the Silver Bird. Executives Taxi In order to meet the needs of the taxi rental industry, we present the Silver Bird. These series of executive cabs, known by their distinctive limousine style characterized by solid leather and classic style and to give a new significance to export transport. The Silver Bird family currently comprises around 1000 cars (Mercedes Benz E200 Cadi ( W212 & W212 FL), C200 Cadi ( W204 FL), All New Toyota Alphard & Toyota Camry Altise) and has several sought after characteristics such as roomy interiors and plenty of leg room.

The Silver Bird is primarily designed for all types of leadership tasks, from airfield transfer to VIP and dignitary chauffeur services. For ease of use, Silver Bird cabs are available at most five-star Jakarta and Surabaya airports and Soekarno-Hatta International Airports. At Silver Bird, we can provide the most comfortable, secure and dependable transport between your accommodation and the city.

The Silver Bird is run by well-trained riders who know the town like the back of their hands. With Blue Bird's bespoke Global Positioning System (GPS), the controller can track the location of a particular car at any given moment. The Silver Bird family not only provides more room inside, but also more baggage area.

Every car is equipped with a safety system to give the passenger an increased feeling of safety. only available in select Silver Bird C-Class and All Silver Bird E-Class and Alphard/Vellfire fleets. These are some special benefits that apply only to Silver Bird passengers: The use of coupons is an efficient way to reduce expenses and at the same of saving precious boarding and alighting times.

Payments for deposited coupons are debited from your existing voucher balance. The coupons you receive from Blue Bird also serve as a receipt and will be given back to you or your business until the end of each calendar year.

Great, Jakarta's new symbol

Accessible luxuries that embody the essences of convenience, security and ease of a taxi for those who set priority. Jakarta, 17 June 2009 - The diversity of Jakarta's range of commuter transport has been complemented by the new Silver Bird E-Class Executive Taxis, formally started by Dr.Ing.H. Fauzi Bowo, G overnor of Denmark's Jakarta District, on this first operational date.

From June of this year, around 400 Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicles will gradually wander through Jakarta's hectic pace of operations and be available only in the Jakarta area. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Fauzi Bowo, G ouverneur of the Danish Cancer Institute (DKI), commented on how the project was implemented: "Public transport is a synonym for the dynamism and improvements of the town itself.

Mobile transport improves according to the increase of each cycle and is said to be better able to meet all the needs and requirements of the individual. In response to the launching that evening, the governor of Bang Foke, Fauzi Bowo, nicknamed the new Silver Bird E-Class, reflected his enthusiasm and hopes that it will become a benchmark for other transport operators to show their appreciation for Jakarta and not just be a businessman.

It is a permanent supporter of state programmes such as the Enjoy Jakarta tourist programme. Silver Bird's new E-Class aircraft fleets, unveiled today, are proud to announce their full endorsement of this series. Commenting on the value of the investments in the equipment of these new vehicles, Dr. H. Purnomo said: "We got a specific system from Mercedes-Benz at piece-cost.

Whereas a number of factors have to be computed for the investments, ranging from the creation of basic skills and their business areas to car servicing in the Mercedes-Benz standard repair shop. 400 Silver Bird E-Class is an executive taxi collection that offers additional functions adapted to the needs of consumers.

The Electronic Data Capture software, which allows customers to make payments by electronic payment and the GPS system for controlling and monitoring the vehicle's location to ensure passengers' security, are two of the Silver Bird E-Class fleet's top quality taxi functions.

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