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At Alfa Cars we offer a first class private rental service in London. We do not sleep in London, so you can ride iRide at any time of the day or night. Allfa Cars - Best British Automobile Services At Alfa Cars we offer a first class rental business in London. Driven by professionalism, courtesy and reliability, our driver team operates a luxurious car pool perfectly suited to any event. At Alfa Cars, we have a large car pool that navigates the bustling roads of London around the clock.

If our application is on your portable unit, any of these vehicles can be available for your immediate use!

It couldn't be simpler to book one of our automobiles. Point-and-click door-to-door servicing. You will immediately get an e-mail with your reservation. Process Posting Include extra pick-ups with your existing reservation. Prizes are firm rates for pre-booked transfer. All our trucks are general purpose trucks, our rates are per truck.


Our riders are all licensed, certified and have extensive hands-on riding experiences in the field and beyond. In addition, our chauffeurs are fully qualified in providing full support to our customers, so you always get a high level of support. Our meeting and greeting services include a meeting with a uni dressed chauffeur to see you or your people.

So if you are looking for a pick-up and welcome pick-up pick-up and drop-off point at the international destination, we are the best place to visit.

Professionally and expertly trained rental agent who appreciates his customers and their precious times.

Professionally and expertly trained rental agent who appreciates his customers and their precious times. Our first priorities are the friendliness and ease of our customers with punctual payments. Our speciality is all kinds of mini cab transport, whether to and from London International Airports, general transport, general transport, hotel transport or pick up, rental of events, sightseeing, daily excursions or corporate travel.

Our ability to offer tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. Our customers have everything they need, from budget mini cab rentals and luxurious travel to travel in our limousine pool. All we can do is supply you with a car, station wagon or MPV, you just have to ask. Our tariff policies are based on a set tariff system and we calculate our customers mileage rather than hourly rates, so delay does not influence your tariff but only the originally negotiated wait-times.

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