TaxibiPixi is a radio taxi taxi booking software for smartphones in India. Web: Android App : iOS App : http://bit.

ly/TaxiPixi_iOS. One of TaxiPixi's top rivals is AnyVan. Note: TaxiPixi Taxi/Cab Booking App is now available in India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Azerbaijan and Malaysia. The TaxiPixi App allows you.

TaxiPixi: the international quiet wave cab operator from India.

India seems to be satisfied with on-line cabin bookings with all the taxis advertisements and deals that fly around us every day, but it seems to be different. As India's taximarket estimates are 6-9 billion dollars (36,000 rupees - 54,000 rupees) and only four to six per cent are organised, the operation is just getting hotter, meaning there is enough and more room for expansion.

Increasingly, the need for on-line bookings is increasing and services providers' platform appear not to be able to keep pace with increasing customer requirements. TaxiPixi, located in Delhi, is a start-up company for transportation technologies established by the On Time Technologies Pvt Ltd. group. Kajal Dubey, CEO, together with the co-founders Jitender Sharma and Gaurav Agarwal, established the group.

TaxiPixi as a multi-operator taxis reservation system provides support for driver and driver booths of all taxis and aggregate units. Zaid Azmi and Bhupesh Goyal are the actual members of the main group. They are proud of what they have developed with only five staff, while their major rivals employed hundred of them. TaxiPixi last year lifted an unrevealed round of seeds from the Hyderabad-based cell phone manufacturer Celkon Mobiles.

As TaxiPixi began? Taxibetrieb Pixi began in May 2013 with only 25 riders and one year later in Delhi increased to more than 2,000 riders. Over the next six to twelve month the start-up targets to have 10,000 Delhi riders enrolled and to have a daily active rate (DAR) of 80%.

TaxibixPixi has Android & iPhone applications and a unique page management system. Consumers oriented applications have all the functions of a taxis reservation application, such as the possibility to see available taxis on a card, make a reservation in 30 seconds, verify your current state, real-time track and ETA, call the operator directly from the application and abort with one click.

However, the squad says their application has been download 60,000 copies from PlayStore. Taxibixi combines four taxi categories, among which Economy Taxi, Economy Plus Taxi, Regular Radio Taxi with prices of 10 km/h H, 15 per km/h H and 20 per km/h H, and Premium/SUV Taxi with 30 per km/h H.

A fortnight ago, the start-up started an important African collaboration with Lagos-based Tranzit. ng, established by Boris Muyiwa, Rodney Jackson Cole and Ugochi Nicole Ugbomeh. "Tranzit's best thing about us was the way it was managed. You are a young start-up and thirst for succeed - qualities that we are able to recognize and with which we can recognize ourselves.

Excellent taxi driver and customer haulage, but they needed technical assistance. Therefore, we have chosen to work together and provide them with our technological assistance. Dubey says: "We have also chosen to work with the Tranzit staff to further increase TaxiPixi's presence in Africa and are hoping to travel to Ghana and Kenya in Nigeria.

Ugochi: "Both firms have recognized that with the Tranzit transceiver franchise as well as TaxiPixi's proprietary technologies, there is significant opportunity for a very successful partner. "They are very proud of the extent to which they have grown with only five members, while other gamers in the industry have got hundred of them.

TaxibixPixi has developed a rugged end-to-end set of technologies around credentials, role and permissions that enhance usability across multiple towns and across several taxis in each town through a unified end-to-end solution. TaxiPixi makes the TaxiPixi system very appealing for locals in emerging countries because of its adaptable and scaleable technological design, which would take years and lots of dollars to set up and operate.

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