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Low-cost multi-segment flights

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The Air Travel Message Board

I' ve got a plane ticket from Kiev to Amsterdam via Riga. Failure to complete the first stage will result in the cancellation of all following stages. Do not miss your first stage... Your reservation will be canceled for the other flights. I' ve been missing the center shanks in the past and was fine, but under no circumstances do you miss your first foot.

What carrier did you do this to Ricky? If not, the SOP will be canceled. Call the carrier to update your tickets. That'?s a good thinking, calling the airlines. Approximately 5 years ago we reached LAX on UA on a multi-part foreignjourney. The UA said they'd put us on another plane, but it'd take a few hrs.

When I asked about hiring a rental vehicle and running it, we had to hire a vehicle anyway when we arrived at ONT, but the representative said if we didn't take the plane, all our following flights on the route would be cancelled. Don't miss your first plane ride. Humans consciously miss flights to make savings in some cases.

"I' ve been missing my metacarpals in the past and I was okay, but under no circumstances do you miss your first foot. Usually, you loose everything unless you clarify it with the carrier well before the itinerary. When you call them and tell them that you no longer need the first leg, they' ll modify the tickets so that you can take it out, but there will probably be some kind of surcharge.

In the small printed part of your ticket you can find a provision that this is not permitted to cancel the entire reservation if not all segments are operated as they are. It was discovered by accident in a recently bought M. E. carrier company MKT.

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