Sky Taxi 6

Sky-taxi 6

Of these 6 concepts, one could be the next Uber Air Taxi Skyport. The Dexter Air Taxi is a Russian air taxi service that covers distances of up to 2000 kilometers and whose services are intended to cover the whole of Russia. And one of these 6 concepts could be the next Uber Air Taxi Skyport.

Gannett Fleming's designs include paw-like landings. It would be designed to provide 52 DVTOLS per hours per module within a scaleable scope. In 2028 it could enable more than 600 journeys and 4,000 persons per hour. 4,000 persons per second. Just one modul would enable 180 take-offs and landings per hours and accommodate 1,800 top performers per hours and modul.

You can combine the Skyport and Skyport vertical as well as horizontal, so that the Skyport can be adapted to the urban environment. Skyport's redesign was able to record 1,000 arrivals per second. This approach would be coordinated with the traditional motorway network in order to re-use the current and trusted infrastructures and build new transport corridors allowing the higher flow rate needed for bulk adaptation.

Humphreys & Partners Skyport offers a beehive-like design with space for 900 people per floor and per hour. Skyport of the Beck group is shaped in witch-agonal way as it can be found in bee houses of honey bees. Scaleable and adaptable for 150 take-offs and landings per minute, the system can scale up to 1,000 rides per minute.

Boka Powell Skyport could take 1,000 take-offs and landings. Mm. It has a structurally adaptable design that allows for a reverse farm rotation to take into account changes in winds.

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