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Santo Domingo Aero Taxi

We are the leading private passenger transportation company in Santo Domingo. Do you have questions about the taxi service in Santo Domingo? Sights in Santo Domingo. The Santo Domingo is served by the Aeropuerto Internacional de Las Americas (SDQ).

The Santo Domingo Taxis

When you don't want to rent a rental but still want the intimacy of driving around in a van without a group of foreigners, taxi cabs are the ideal way to explore Santo Domingo. The use of taxi's as a major traffic resource is a good option in Santo Domingo as they allow the tourist to bypass the surrounding streets and prevent them from decoding the sometimes bewildering urbanways.

Outside, cabs seem to be like any other type of road vehicle, which can make it hard to call a taxi, but it is not advisable to find your own anyway. In the past, taxpayers who board undeclared cabs have been attacked and mugged, so the best choice will always be to call and be picked up by a legitimate firm - even from a large motel or eatery where cabs are known to wait for you.

Use the table of taxi operators below to call a taxi yourself or have the operator at your accommodation take care of you. The Aero Taxi and Taxi Queen are two of the well-known taxi businesses that many former guests have recommended. Taxis Queen is a business you can rely on because all their driver are obliged to undergo safety check before they can get behind the tax.

Have a look at the following table for taxi companies in and around Santo Domingo. As soon as you call a taxi, the owner will give you an estimation of how long it will take for the taxi to get to you, the colour of the taxi and its ID number so you can be sure you are getting on safely.

In Santo Domingo taxi services are available 24 hour a days, seven working days per week. When travelling with small kids, be aware that it is completely legitimate for a child to drive on their parents' laps and jump over a vehicle or child safety chair so that taxi drivers do not have these items at them.

Should you wish your baby to be strapped in as safely and comfortably as possible, please take your own chair with you from home. small notes in national currencies. In Santo Domingo, the price of a taxi varies depending on where you are going. Taxi fares are not measured and are determined by each business, but it is always advisable to talk to your chauffeur and agree on the price before you leave the city.

Be sure to take small notes in your country's banknotes with you, as your riders seldom have them. The majority of riders only know Spanish, which can lead to a kind of linguistic obstacle, but if you meet a bi-lingual rider, you can ask him or her to take you on a trip around the area.

Taxidrivers often act as your guide and calculate fair rates to offer you hourly touring. In case you hope to take a taxi to another destination, call a taxi service beforehand to get a quotation and book your chauffeur. In Santo Domingo, with so many cheaper means of transport, the decision to take a taxi may seem superfluous.

However, those who favour fast, individual customer care will always take this for granted.

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