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Return home with your baggage gone. - Opinions, photos - SriLankan Airlines Because of the low price and the fact that we have a very good link from my home town Hyderabad, we decided to book Srilankan. Apart from the price of the tickets, there is nothing special about the company or the services. Offering good leg room and comfort seats in Economical Classic, the carrier is another plus for the carrier.

As far as eating and services are concerned - the less you say, the better. I' m a veggie and I indicated Asian veggie when I booked, but we were informed that veggie meals are restricted and they mix & match while they serve us. This was a horrible episode, and the meal served at the end does not contain either sandwich or sandwich (if the veggie version desperately tasted horrible), you either have to live from what it offers as a veggie, or you die of starvation to your final destination. At the end of the day, the veggie version of the meal is served in the same way as the veggie version.

And considering it's a short-haul trip (about 2 hours), we were informed that they won't be offering us stereo headsets but will have direct exposure to on-screen conversation - if you' re into quiet movies, Srilankan should be your choice. While they will, if the monitor is jammed (which in a large crowd occurred in both airplanes (back and forth)), the pilots will not volunteer to put it back, but they will share looks and smiles at each other - a strange kind of hospitability education, to say the least.

Checking-in at Columbo International is another horrible calamity. Neither of the airline's employees will be willing to help. Columbo International needs a great deal of infrastructural maintenance, but the employees of the company can help. Given the fact that it is one of the leading or ONLY one of the leading carriers locally, and with restricted choice, the Sri Lankan employees are showing an approach that would not be allowed at the airports.

Overall, if your main limitation is the budgeting, Srilankan should be included in your option listing, otherwise - it's safe to exclude it from the option listing. Singhalese, which means that God can give you a blessing with a long lifetime (or in other words, that you have a long life) - it wouldn't be a bad joke if I assumed for sure that they actually mean - if you choose Srilankan, with the awful ministry we are offering, you will definitely need a longer lifetime as a rewards.

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