6 Seat Aircraft for Sale

6-seater aircraft for sale

We have 243 turboprop aircraft for sale. Remaining time 3d 13h left (Sun, 18:00 o'clock). 4 seats ~ Payload 917 lbs. Up to six people can be accommodated inside the baron. 4 seats ~ Payload 917 lbs.

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Extra EA-400 is a six-seater, single-engine, high-flying aeroplane of Extra Flugzeugbau GmbH. EA-400 is driven by a liquid-cooled Continental Voyager turbocharger. Founded by Walter Extra, the enterprise produces almost entirely aerobatics aircraft whose latest product is the Extra EA-300 family. When the EA-400, a cross-country pressure aircraft with many unique characteristics such as charcoal fibre design, cantilever high decker and water-cooled Teledyne Continental TSIOL 550C motor, was introduced, this change took place.

At the same time, this extravagant motor is both a great gain and a real test for the Extras 400: it is resistant to shocks during downhill runs, but bothersome and expensive to run, especially in warm climate zones. Fowler aircraft dampers have a fully retracted mechanical system and remarkably reduce overstall speeds from 76 to 58 kn in land configurations at max take-off mass.

These complexities require skilled operators and also contribute to the high running cost of the aircraft. The Flight Into Known modified all 400 aircraft. Improves climbing capacity and cruising speeds. The ascent to the FL200 takes 20 min and the cruising rate at 75% capacity varies from 200 kn at 16,000 feet to a max of 220 kn at 250 feet (MTOW and ISA conditions).

It' s much more spacious than you would think in this aircraft class, and similar in dimensions to the smaller aircraft like the Eclipse 550. Extra 400 was very expensive to produce, required 16'000 working hour and had a cost of 1 million dollars. In spite of the aircraft's quality, only 27 were constructed before the firm ran into difficulties.

1 ] When the first aircraft was delivered to the client on 21 August 1998, a deadly incident arose as a result of a windstorm which led the Governments to require a pilot licence for 400 additional aircraft, which was revoked in December 2015. On 10 March 2018, a further 400 fueled by an aircraft power outage was dropped, leaving the aircraft in a Sharpsburg North Carolina airfield with no losses.

A third Extra 400 was dropped on August 4, 2018 in Oklahoma due to unidentified events that led to the plane losing height after take-off, crashing and burning with 5 deaths.

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