Personal Planes for Sale

Private aircraft for sale

PRESENTED AIRPLANES Value assignment, pre-purchase management, securities research, acquiring insurances, security deposit protection, setting up a fiduciary account if required, filling out purchase letters and registration requests are just a few of the duties involved in each transaction. The Legend Cub planes are all made in America, with some enhancements over the originals. You can open both door and side window during the flights to improve the flying experiences and transfer the sight, sound and smell of the scenery into the dashboard.

The Legend Cub's electric system provides a start motor and generator for many aviation electronics and even security and overnight flights, making it one of the most admired airplane design enhancements. Equipped with Lycoming's multi-fuel YO-233 115 hp 115 hp Lycoming Super Legend AL18 offers the same power-to-weight ratios as a 150 hp Super Cub as seen in the Valdez Shorts take-off and landings.

Both amateur and serious off-road pilots will be enthusiastic about this airplane. Our specialty is reciprocating powered aeroplanes, so we are able to provide you with first class after sales services as a top priorities. Would you like to resell your current airplane? If you park your airplane in front of the "largest pilots store in the world", you can be sure that it will be perceived by many prospective customers.

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Untiringly responding to the uniquely accurate needs of our customers, we accelerate and facilitate the purchase and sale of our customers' premier and ultra-premium airplanes from around the global marketplace. Have a look at our presented lists of aircrafts. Browse the available lists of planes. It is our heritage to bring the worlds nearer, to connect individuals and companies and at the same time to build a high profile for suitable purchasers and vendors all over the planet.

No matter whether you want to buy, rent or rent a corporate jet, our jet agency will support you every step of the way. As a result, it is ensured that your needs are fulfilled and that you can concentrate on your work.

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