Best and Cheapest Airlines

The best and cheapest airlines

Flight Explorer from Google shows the best prices for your destination. 72-hour Southwest Airlines sale: Best flight prices, best offers for travellers from the Massachusetts area. The Southwest Airlines 72-hour sales are ongoing and offer discount air services to a number of locations. Reduced rates are available from Tuesday, October 10 to Thursday, October 12 at 23:59. The sales only apply to trips that have been reserved for Tuesday, October 31 to Tuesday, December 19 and Wednesday, January 3 to Wednesday, February 14, which means that Christmas and New Year offers are out of the question.


In addition, the sales do not cover Friday or Saturday departures. For more information about the sales, please see the Southwest website. The Boston Logan International Airport has the most sales fares in New England, with a choice of 12 reduced destinations . A complete listing can be found on the airline's 72-hour sales page.

Selected one-way travel to Atlanta, Georgia, costs $58. Similar November and December travel costs up to $167, but working day travel to Atlanta after the February business ends is currently charged at $58. In comparison to the February and March excluded dates, purchasing 72-hour sales can result in savings of up to $120.

Denver International Airport sales from Boston Logan begin at $129, with the retail charge varying depending on the date. Related post-transaction departures vary from $143 to $188. From Boston to the William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, the cost of a journey from Boston to Houston on selected days is only $59.

After the end of the sales, similar travels are charged from $72. From Boston Logan, Nashville, Tennessee starts from as little as $59. After you sell, you'll find the cheapest southwest flight from $71, the best deal from Hartford, Conn. South West Airlines offers discount fares to four major airports from Bradley International Airport, based in Windsor Locks.

A complete listing can be found on the airline's 72-hour sales page. Baltimore-Washington International Airport is open to Hartford travellers for fare of US$49 or more throughout the entire transaction. After the end of the campaign, similar tickets are $82. Chicago for the entire term of the Southwest deal costs $99. At the end of the transaction, similar tickets will be $160.

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