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Delphin Logo Small Gold Logo Small Grayscale Certified Dolphin Atlantic, Inc. Minor aircraft can be inexpensive. Offers for charter are subject to confirmation. If you' re talking about small planes, it's the weight that counts.

Charter of piston and turbo prop aircraft

King Air B200 is the most popular corporate plane in the air. Every other branch of corporate aviation, jets or turbopropes has sold the 200M. Beechcraft King Air 250 is the latest addition to the King Air 200 family. This glider is specially optimised for hot & high use.

This is one of the most beloved turbine-powered corporate jets. Piper PA-31 Navajo is a cabin-class twin-engined airplane developed and manufactured by Piper for general purpose applications, most of them using llycoming thrusters. Cessna 402 is a lightweight twin-jet airplane. Propelled by a 300 hp turbo-charged continuous-flow motor with three-bladed, fully feathered fan blades.


Booking a charter flights you can experience a special, agile and time-saving experience. Currently, we are flying for the U.S. Forest Service, Washington State, the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the University of Washington. You should be mindful of some restrictions if you have never flew in a small charter aircraft before:

Between June and August, we have a good possibility that we can carry out your charter flights on most day. Outside these month, however, it is very likely that we will have to terminate your charter at the last minute. Aircraft are much smaller than those of the airline companies. Maximum we can carry 5 passenger and a small amount of baggage (total about 850 pounds and we have to carry persons and baggage).

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Privat flight charter on request

We help airlines to better utilize their capacity and help travellers get where they want to go more effectively. Whereas there are only about 300 places to go, travellers can buy an air carrier in the USA. Carriers chartering in the USA under Part 135 of the Federal Air Regulations are welcome here.

Entrance to civil air travel is like a magical force. It is our business to make flight more precious to everyone.

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