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A multi-city study on urban inequality

Urban Inequality Multi-City Study, the RSF's biggest one-off measure in the 90s, sought to find out why the high unemployment rate among minority residents in US metropolitan areas persists. In spite of a strong US economic system, tens of thousands of low-skilled downtown employees stay out of work or are trapped in low-paid, hopeless work.

This is explained by the fact that in recent years, industrial reorganisation has led to an increase in education and skills needs for most workplaces and that most urban dwellers do not have the education and skills to do so. In addition, many workplaces have migrated from the towns to the outskirts and have stranded the blue-collar labourers in the inner towns.

Multicity research found that these two determinants, referred to by scholars as skills and geographical discrepancies, tell only part of the story: permanent racist obstacles, particularly the distortion of the employers against the recruitment of racist minority groups, pose an even greater threat to the employment outlook of inner-city employees.

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