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The best carrier for flights from the UK - Sri Lanka Message Board Make with flight directly with Sri Lanka the flight 10-12. Package 00 per piece (February 2011) or with a flight duration of at least 12 years in Qatar. Twenty-five hours drive. It' re rewarding to pay the surcharge for Sri Lanka, even though the location and services are not as good as Qatar. Hello, 1) One hours in Doha _is_ enough.

In general they also slow down the 2. trip a little if it is really necessary. Quatar the best with security! We' re going with Emirates, but we're not sure how good they are! Happy birthday, Qatar would be my election. In Sri Lanka, the amount of cash you are saving will make a big contribution.

Qatar Airways offers additional free luggage allowances by becoming a member of the FF - Privilege Club - program. Is it possible to make advance bookings for the seating on this foot, as there are escape doors in the centre with additional legroom? There is no known possibility of pre-booking a place in Qatar for regular travelers, perhaps it is an additional function for those who fly a lot.

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From India we travel via Sri Lanka to Singapore. Sri Lankan Airlines has made a booking and we have a 3 hour stop in Colombo. Need a visa for Sri Lanka? Visa-free for a period of up to eight working days. Traveler must: "The term transit" should be better defined here.....

I' m from India and travel via Sri Lanka to Singapore. All I have to do is switch planes at Colombo International Station. Out of Sri Lanka. There'?s no need for a ETA or ETA if you want to remain airside. Hello, I am an Indian and drive via Colombo (transit 4-5 hours) to Maldives without leaving the terminals.

Q!1: Do I need a visa for Sri Lanka? Maldives visa required? My ticket was validated with the Sri Lancan Airlines from Kuala Island, Kuala Island, Kuala Island, Colombo, Kuwait Downtown (2 hour transfer). There is no way to fly from the international airports, because my connection starts immediately after 2 hrs arriving from the country of source Kuway.

In this case, please let me know, do I need to apply for a Sri Lankan transit permit? I agree with Hans for a transite (if it is a brief one - a few hours). Concerning the issue of a Maldives Visas, mastra, you can get a first response at .

Recheck it with the representative of the state concerned or with an *official* website such as

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