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A new private aircraft

The private plane takes off with delays. Introduced new private aircraft (auto-stabilized, no formal flight training required) Using only two checks and car stabilisation, drivers can be educated in less than an hours, so perhaps this is just the personal aircraft that has a real breakdown capability in the bulk aircraft world. Kitty Hawkw's flyer was launched on Wednesday and is a single-seater 250 pound all-electric vessel using 10 set rotor and two joysticks.

The maximum airspeed is 20 mbph and the current flying period is 20 mins. It is expected that both the airspeed and the length of the trips will increase over the years. Larry Page, co-founder of Google, helps fund the flyer, so if it turns out to be sustainable, there's a lot of cash behind it to get it if it kicks your ass.

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The Synergy is a new category of aircraft. Synergy Prime, our first smart plane, is a nice new foretaste of a viable aerospace world. You are cordially invited to join us in finding out more about the most important innovation that will help create the futures of flying. Personal transport at local level has never been so quick, economic and effective.

The Synergy offers a systemic way to drastically reduce power costs and aircraft noises at higher speeds. Due to its excellent Aerodynamic, the flying directly at 6 times the velocity of surface transport is just as accessible as travel. Synergy's unique features, which give it extraordinary strength, performance and controllability (thanks to a great resistance reduction!), allow it to be much more luxurious and roomy for up to seven persons.

Safety is assured thanks to the intrinsic coating strength and outstanding performance at low speeds. This attribute is the right basis for the successful application of current and new technology for the communication and autonomous use of smart plans. This will lead to a sustainable model S certificated product and a prospective supply that will eclipse all statistical forecasts.

With our transitional schedule, we bring in the first significant debt and complete several full-size full-size prototype tools from prototyping toolmaking. It is our belief that basic aircraft based on the right principles - both in economy and design - are an advantageous return on your investments in portability and living well. The Synergy creates the first aircraft that can deliver all these advantages.

All at once, we work on the whole problem: basic flying dynamics, basic aspects of humans and industry economy. Synergie is three time more economical than most general aviation aircraft. Synergys uses brillant physical properties to reach twice the anticipated velocity for a given horse power. Thanks to the supercharged transom motor, laminated thermodynamics and underwater style transom blower, Synergys is much more quiet than other aircraft.

The Synergy has a roomy six-seater cabin, but a smaller overall footprint than a two-seater couch. Known since the fifties, but hardly recognized, is that although some aircraft are flying at very low velocities effectively, and others at very high velocities effectively, all previous aircraft were wasting huge quantities of power to travel in the medium sub-sound area.

Current economic viability of on-demand aeronautics is profound from the first draft to the last one. However, the issue is the way in which aircraft (not completely) handle air resistance. Synergy's extensive, patent-pending styling made it the first aircraft to directly address the underlying problems that caused the issue, while applying six of the most sophisticated air resistance reducing technology available to address them.

In contrast to any boxeswing construction, the two tail fins - above and behind each wingtip - are not "wings" to generate more uplift. The abundance of our flying areas increases security. DMT configurations enable more secure low velocity clearance, lower land rates and proven stable avoidance and salvage technologies designed to eliminate the root cause of small aircraft deaths.

Synergy's custom tailored wing design offers many astonishing advantages in terms of strength and high span efficiencies, resulting in outstanding low and high speeds performances. Combined, these properties result in the 8x enhancement Synergy needs to match the per horsepower general aviation speeds. The turbo-charged JFSD, our balistic chute and our next-generation self-flying smart plane are further core technology that can help reduce personal aircraft operation obstacles.

Prospective releases will take many power and engine choices as the body offers space. Synergistic Aero-dynamics opens the way to convenient electrical flying, and various electrical designs are already being developed that with today's batteries technologies can reach more than 750 miles, both in terms of velocity and stamina.

In this respect, electrical vehicles cannot perform as well as aircraft because the airspeed on the floor is low. Kerosene, hybrids or electricity, a spacious, affordably priced private aircraft meets a basic need: on-demand transportation for small groups over local distance. Synergies bring the right innovation to make people' experience of local transport a financial and lasting one.

Due to the minute number of easy, module parts, the styling is able to be scaled into a cost-effective bulk manufacturing and to adjust its detail to a variety of priority, such as different types of load and access to the roomy cabin. An increase of the mean door-to-door velocity by a factor of five with similar consumption of electricity will increase our living space (for a certain period of time) by a factor of 25, relieve motorways and towns and at the same improve their charac-ter.

Synergie and its descendants are the futures for which our great-grandparents have constructed 20,000 country airfields. The irony is that his skills are rewarding their farsightedness with the greatest entrepreneurial challenges their lost industries have experienced in decades: potentially extremely new demands from the markets, but virtually no institutions to invest in, an understanding of what the players are doing, or a long-term manufacturing perspective for small aircraft.

Today, a tremendous aircraft track record could achieve the amazing capacity of... an oversold, unpractical car per diem. Contrary to the patient patience of your Tesla awaiting your ride with your Toyota, there are no sensible intermediate choices for the prospective smart plan purchaser, so the client is hungrier and fatigued from having to leave. Half a centur y is awaiting the arrival of an inexpensive private plane, demanding a new production approach if it does.

Synergy's major investments in ultra-simplified module designs, low-cost tools and breakthrough processing speeds are making it possible for the first ever to improve automobile economy. It is easy to see the huge social investments we have made in the missed opportunities of personal flying in the light of the demands we have made among the zealous 3%, the "innovators" who together with early users are moving the mountains of new opportunities.

A long time before volume manufacturing can generate significant aircraft owner potentials, new regulation and smart plan interoperability needs to be taken into account that reflects an educated regulator's understanding of their safe capability. Synergy is a contemporary but still time-honoured aircraft that blends into the current legislative framework.

Increasingly, these will bring lower and lower obstacles to the personal operation of your own synergies. Synergie does not squander this amount of your valuable resources or need this expensive infrastructural or even the sidewalk. In fact, the capacity for safer, more spacious, faster and basically more effective private aircraft far exceeds the usual estimate where the above is far out of range.

At Synergy, half a kilometer of turf can take you to and from anywhere. In order to balance the technological risks, more than a thousand voluntary and financially supportive individuals from around the globe have joined forces to help John McGinnis and his small crew construct many prototypes of Twin Boxtail airplanes...starting, of course, in his father's own workshop!

It has been more than a life that aeronautics has attracted our joint interest. It' the most thrilling airplane projekt I've ever seen! One of the most singular and innovativ development I have seen in lightweight aircraft construction for a long time....Really nice and inspirational! Synergies have a very believable opportunity to make the greatest aerodynamic jump since the glorious years of the 1940s and 1950s that heralded the over-sonic age.

I' m an aeronautical engineer with 33 years of expertise in all areas of aeronautical engineering... I admire those like Burt Rutan and John McGinnis who go beyond the proven and take us into the future! Yours is the most interesting thing that can occur in my mind in aeronautics... the next airplane I want to pilot is yours!

I went to see John in Montana myself. Synergie is the only excuse why I will do something I never thought I would do... Become a flyer. I' ve been building an RC6 and I'm more enthusiastic about your designs than anybody I've ever seen... I want to do one! Hopefully I can have my own synergy in the years to come.

Feeding the team? The design and construction of a totally new aircraft prototyping from the ground up is a high-grade series production operation, even if costly advanced design tooling is used. In order to provide adequate times for investments during commissioning, we have started R&D as a long-term corporate venture, backed by an astonishing group of individuals who have made themselves TEAM SYNERGY.

Synergy's Computational Fluid Dynamics features are now available to external customers with the same incredible power. Synergistic copies?

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