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On the other hand, some drivers leave Uber and Lyft for cabins | News Fix

But there are also other riders who have taken the opposite way, from Uber and Lyft to taxiing. Kelley runs the San Francisco Taxi School, which provides budding taxi owners with the training they need for licensing. They estimate that between a third and a half of their pupils were former Uber and Lyft riders in the last six month.

Kelley says some of them were former cab riders who let their licences run out when they switched to the transport services but now wanted to go back to work. "We had cabmen who stopped taking a cab [to work for a driver's company], and many of these boys came back and had to take a cab again," he said.

I was directed to Abdallah Hammad, 49, who has been with the business for about three years. In order to increase his incomes, he spent about a year on the side for Uber and Lyft, but quit about seven or eight month ago. Said Hammad that twice during the over-calls clients were furious at the bloated rates they had to foot during a price rise and hit his auto doors so hard that he had his auto window mended.

Over-riders must retain a 4.6-person assessment or be exempted from riding. Dessaint Kelly, 44, who describes his adventure as a cabbie for the San Francisco Examiner, began his careers with Uber and Lyft in 2014. However, he finished early last year, went to cab training and has been riding for National Veterans Cab in San Francisco since February.

Says he loves the sense of fellowship among cab riders and that he earns more with a cab than with Uber and Lyft. Kelley, of the San Francisco Taxicab School, thinks that driver operators who apply mathematics are discovering that they can better drive a cab after maintaining and depreciating their car, which was not always the case.

" What do driver service employees really earn? No one has really found out whether TNC or cab users earn more cash or not. Earlier last year Uber published figures that showed that their riders had the edge. "Many former cab riders have chosen to work for themselves and become self-employed," the firm said in an April 2015 Uber Newsroom article.

"The ex-taxi riders choose Uber because they like to make more cash and have a much more agile itinerary. In particular, a similar poll published by Uber last months did not look at how much riders earn. Sherpashare, a business that assists riders in tracking their revenue, interviewed 963 over- and lyft riders in September and October 2015.

There was a large disparity in merit between riders aged 55 and over. A further SherpaShare survey,'based on million of UberX and Lyft journeys followed by riders on the SherpaShare platform', gave an account of the May 2015 mean operating return per journey for each enterprise in city. At San Francisco, the UberX driver averaged the travel - and again these are the total revenues --- $14.65.

The Lyft riders made $13. 42 a ride. There would be less of a driver's percentage than after Uber and Lyft had taken their part. In May 2014, the Occupational Employment Statistics Survey found that 178,000 cab and chauffeur-driver drivers in the nation averaged nearly $26,000 or $12.35 per hrs. As a reaction to the bad experiences of Abdallah Hammad as a cab rider for Uber, Eva Behrend pointed me to the present UberX rider Tammy Johnson from East Oakland.

Johnson, 38, tells me that she likes to work for Uber after having driven for cabs in San Leandro and Walnut Creek, where she witnessed "harassment in various forms". Generally, every times cabbies drive a shifts, there is a possibility that they actually loose cash because most of them rent their cars from the cabs.

Put this in combination with the fuel bills, and the riders begin every layer in the pit. She says she hasn't made enough cash with fare at least five tickets to meet her everyday expenses. Certainly, the cab business has long had the credentials of being a place where the driver must foot the bill for the cab company's people.

San Francisco Transportation Code bans these payment methods, which some in the business call callers and others bribe, but the rules are not enforced. John Han, for example, a long-time taxi operator from San Francisco, said to me that he would work at Yellow Cab again, partly because the dispatcher of another firm he didn't want to name demanded a daily fee of $10 instead of the $6 he had paid Yellow.

Riders are generally divided about the honesty of this tilting system - some don't object, others say it's annoying. Back in 2014, a cabbie with whom I had spoken said that he stopped working for a driving company, especially because he had to hire a cab dispatcher. Taximeters New:

This is the same flywheel with which travellers can call up cabins, follow their position and make payments, all via smart phones, just like Uber and Lyft. The Flywheel says that about 80 per cent of San Francisco taxis now take phone shots from his phone now. Enquiries go to any cab that uses the system, regardless of which firm they work for.

Johnny Kim - who loves Flywheel's e-hauling system so much that he changed the name of his business to Flywheel - thinks that the new TaxisOS metres will allow taxi riders to continue to race against the Uber and Lyft team. In Kim's opinion, the plethora of San Francisco cars that have adopted Flywheel's practical e-hail system leave Uber and Lyft with the only benefit of lower pricing.

It says that the new counters will allow its riders to keep up with costs. The flywheel - the smart phone and not the taxi operator - will build an algorithms that will lower the price when market demands are low, Kim said. This call is available to taxi riders who can choose whether or not to accept it.

Cabins will still not be able to calculate more in times of high demands, as Uber has done famously because the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has to authorize higher rates. "Kim said that TaxiOS also allows him to provide a " splits metre system " to taxi operators, in which the issue described by former taxi operator Tammy Johnson - renting a taxi and then not earning enough cash to meet the costs of renting it - would not be a threat because the taxi operator will only take part of what the operator earns, the same commercial scheme that Uber and Lyft use.

"Kim said, "I need to be able to rent cars to people who only want to work a few extra hour a week part-time. "Both of the cab riders I talked to about the new TaxisOS counters were less excited, if not completely mistrustful. Said that his clients have already divided tariffs and are negotiating lower tariffs on slower nighttimes.

"Fuck so Uber and Lyft their riders. It'?d be another excuse to give my keys to a cab driver."

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