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Transfers by taxi from Brussels Airport - Brussels Forum If you are travelling from Brussels airport, please do NOT order the services of Taxis2brussels. You said your ministry was predicated on punctuality, sympathy, helpfulness. Today, however, after a 1 hours late, a call to the helpline and a complain to the chauffeur, I and my baggage were kicked out of the cab.

So I was dumped two hour after my arriving at the airport. Others provide a similar type of services, so please review it before ordering a particular product from Taxis2brussels. That' not true, I am the head of taxis2brussels, and these clients do not tell the world. Traveling a great deal for my work and always going to Charleroi Airport, I recently found a cab business that is much better than other businesses.

1 "I am the head of taxi2brussels" 3 "I like wwww. cab2brussels. be" Of course you would rather see your business used by others instead of giving their cash to someone else, but that's hardly an unselfish suggestion! Now I can attest a poor cab2brussels render. On the second occasion the rider just didn't show up and the firm declined to fix the issue and just hanged at nights.

Going forward, we will work with a different type of services. Also, I suggest never to use taxis2brussels. Then I reserved a cab with a child safety chair and the appearing cab had no child safety chair. Our cab drivers became very aggresive and went on and on about that it was not his responsibility and that the firm was lying.

After being very poorly visited, the operators told me that all their taxis had child car seats, so I handed them over to the cabbie, after a brief talk with the cabbie she told me that I would be travelling without a child car. Fortunately the airport staff were helping and organized a cab with a child safety chair for us.

I was also told that taxis2brussels uses the Brussels airport emblem on their website without their consent. To sum up, you should never make a reservation with taxis2brussels. What kind of firm do you suggest? I have a situation where I need a Charleroi airport on 1 January and two companies tell me that this is a big date and the rate is not over.

I' d like to be paid, but no cab fare, because Charleroi is too high. Normally the fare (by the metre) for a cab from Brussels airport to CRL airport (I don't know if it's for Charleroi itself or the airport) is 120-140 - if it were for a cheap trip, it would rather ruin the point of flying to the BRU and then making this cabride.

Taxis at Brussels airport, located in Zaventem, Flanders, are recorded in the Flemish Region and require a higher fare if they travel outside the airport, whether in the Brussels Region or in Wallonia. BRU has its own railway terminal, whether to CRL or Charleroi itself, so you can take the 1h16 long 15.70 euro train to Charleroi-Sud (change trains in Brussels) without any problems.

Seventy for combined rail and TEC coach A tickets from the railway to the airport. You can also take the BRU to Bruxelles-Midi rail service (?7.80) and then the Brussels City Shuttle to the CRL (?5.10 or 14 in anticipation; 17 from the coach conductor, see

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