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About Elevate | Towns Uber Elevate develops air city carpooling programs worldwide. From 2023, Uber passengers will be able to book an on-demand airline ticket with UeberAIR in Dallas, Los Angeles and a third tier airport at the touch of a key. In order to introduce ÅIR to the merchant, we are planning a partnership with three " launching towns ".

It will allow a balanced relationship between focal point and urban pluralism that aligns services to long-term prosperity. As Dallas and Los Angeles have already been heralded as the first two start towns, we are now looking for an overseas destination as our third affiliate. They will be the first to provide flights viaAIR, with the aim of carrying out demonstration flights from 2020 onwards and to start operation commercially in 2023.

We were excited about the great interest of the global fellowship, and we have now formalised a selection procedure for our next starting town. Towns with a larger conurbation of more than 2 million inhabitants and a concentration of more than 2,000 inhabitants per km2 can provide bundled carpooling and thus profit most from a hyperAIR-environment.

Ideally, towns should be multicentric, with several tightly packed hubs in an area, and congested. With a large and scattered town plan, AIR will be able to achieve significant savings in terms of times at 150-200 mph. Availability of a large close-by aerodrome, whose journey often takes more than an hours due to distances, demands or shortages (e.g. bridge, tunnel) to or from the inner centre, will be a convincing application.

Since AIR offers transport from hub to hub and not from point to point, it is important that it can be incorporated into a multimodal system that also covers other alternatives such as local transport, car-sharing, bicycle rental and walks in a densely populated area. Towns and cities should have robust and favourable ambient environments suitable for flight operation, with the absence of extremes of weather, temperatures and altitudes.

In order to make the construction of Skyports easier, it is important that at least one large municipal property developer is involved. Basically, this is a twinning - Uber is looking for a municipal contractor who is just as enthusiastic about the air carpooling opportunities of the past as we are and who is dedicated to overcome barriers that are foreseeable and unpredictable in order to bring them to the air transport sector.

It is important that we do not look for towns that offer fiscal relief or offer regional disincentives. Rather, we are looking for towns with visions of the future that want to invest in their transport system and launch it on the markets as quickly as possible for their people throughAIR.

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