Suzanne Ircha Johnson

Ircha Suzanne Johnson

jets of jet propellant Given the interest in the Johnson dynasty as Woody Johnson has been named new ambassador to the UK, we are happy to split it again if any reader misses it the first one. Suzanne Johnson (née Ircha) at first sight seems to lead a lifestyle that is the very defining of New York high-society. Johnson certainly has all the necessary skills to rule the city's social arena with her graduation from Cornell, her powerful Wall Street backgrounds, and her fortunate matrimony with one of the country's most famous business people - her husband is a member of the Johnson & Johnson 4th Gen Johnson Woody Johnson IV line and New York jet owners Robert Wood "Woody".

But as anyone who ever sits with her for an afternoons can say, Johnson's real self - and around her son, eight-year-old Brick and six-year-old Jack - is much more down-to-earth than the gold-plated portrayal she's often made in the crit. She has a uniquely strong connection with her husband's soccer squad, the jet squad (where she actively participates in the matchdays at MetLife stadium), and her NFL roles as an apparel messenger (she has already completed past NFL T-shirt partnerships with Marchesaand for Super Bowl XLVIII, Andrew Rosen of Theory).

As well as her participation in making NFL clothing for females more fan-friendly, Johnson also coaches and publishes her favourite women's NFL selections through her own online community's online community's online NFL channel (a job she doesn't take for granted - she persists in seeing every article she chooses personally before supporting it through her Twitteror Instagram), and is excited to prepare for the most family-oriented jet sports seasons ever.

As well as the children zone arenas on the square outside MetLifeCentral, where there will be free face paint, a whiteboard to post news for the jet on, and pre-match activities in a fake soccer pitch environment - so children can score a pitch gate or pitch a shot at a recipient - there will also be the Player Walk.

It is a period between 10:30-10:45 at 13:00 Sunday matches where there will be an entrance where the player, the coach and the owners (Woody Johnson) will go to the arena together. "It'?s something you can keep in your bag, and it could really motivate a child [so] they might really be feeling like they?re part of an organisation, and we want them to be like they?re part of the New York Jets," Johnson says about the gift medal.

Listening to Johnson describe the contagious energies of match day at MetLife Stadium, which also offers children's entertainment such as blinds and buttons in its clubs and suites, it's clear that the merger of club and home soccer - and making jet play a place of wonder for the youngest supporters - is one she really likes.

"Only within our own families have we really seen that soccer was a way to get us together," she says, and adds that it is her expectation that the jet planes can provide the same connecting experiences for every single host that comes to a match this year. Of course, much of Johnson's passion for the family-centric events of the racing calendar is underlined by her equally great passion for the squad itself.

When we had our lunches and interviews, the squad enjoyed a highly encouraging pre-season, having recently beat the Indianapolis Colts. The Gang Green Nation members don't need to worry as Johnson is very confident for the coming years. Johnson, like many of her NYC mothers, knows firsthand that the routine and requirements of maternity have a way of focusing on themselves.

Growing up in Greenwich Village as the daugther of a Ukranian immigration ancestor and a second-generation Ukranian-American parent, Johnson had a self-created track record of flourishing in the fast-paced financial services sector and sold shares in institutions to Hedgefonds. In Johnson's present "phase," everything revolves around familial times - be it wrestling for her vigorous little boys, living around with her large families, or matching her kids with her half-sisters from her husband's earlier marriages (Woody's girls are Jaime Johnson, 32, and Daisy Johnson, 27).

Sure to say, Johnson - who says she is the "disciplinarian" in the educational formula - and her man are both very practical adults who relate to scholars, athletes and the virtues of their children. Speaking French and Spanish (they went to pre-school on Lycee Francais because the Johnsons are "really great at culture exchange" and teach their children that "it's a wide open space, it's not just New York City"), they enjoy footballing with Fastbreak Children and Asphalt Green,

They play football at Chelsea Piers and Super Soccer Stars/Premier, play tenis at Sutton East, and are totally hard-boiled jet aficionados ( actually, according to their mother's accounts, they even began to read the pages of the sport and taught her a thing or two about the barbecue news) - in other words, they are a great deal of Fun.

She seems to be well balanced in the way she has reached her goals as she meets the requirements of the upcoming pitch as well as managing her sons' busy schedule. Although she is using this year' s campaign to take a little break from last year's Super Bowl extravagance at MetLife (remember to host a NFL women's crews for matchday celebrations in addition to her normal role as NFL Women's Clothes Ambassador), Johnson is excited and confident about what will happen to the NFL, the jets and her busy private time.

No matter what it is, it will flourish from the idea she has - be it more high fashion venues for the NFL, extra big events at the MetLife stadium, or the Shepherd of her guys through every action they take on next - it will certainly be a complete down.

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