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Once home to the Minotaur, today it is an unbelievable citadel that offers its visitor a singular adventure marked by legend and story. Iraklion, the biggest town on the Crete archipelago, is a great mixture of old cultures and modernity.

On just one single or two days you can wander through the old town to the Koules Fortress in Venice, an impressive setting with views of a lovely harbour, before enjoying lunch in a seaside restaurants to try some of the region's traditional dishes. Crete's Museum of History and the Archaeological Museum close by are also just a stone's throw away along the coastline and offer the visitor a unique insight into a magnificent selection of Crete's historic gems.

Looking for antique living, take a short trip to one of the most important archeological places in the word, the palace of Knossos. What kind of meteorology is Greece? When' s the best season to go to Greece? The majority of travellers to Greece take their holidays between mid-June and the end of August, when the temperature is highest.

Easter (March/April) to mid-June is also a good period to go; the weather is bright but not too warm. If you are not in Greece for a ski trip, you may find that there is little to do in these few years. What is the duration of the trip to Greece? One of the most picturesque and oldest towns in the whole wide range of Greece's historical heritage.

Timetables differ from airline to airline and between countries, and if you have connection services, please always contact your airline. Because of stays at certain locations, your real journey may take more than 30hrs. NYC: The NYC operates one or more non-stop services a day to Athens with a journey of nine hour s/30 minute s/day.

Connections extend the journey to 11 hrs and 15 mins. From Atlanta to Athens the journey lasts 12h25. One one-stop service from any Chicago international hub lasts 12h10. One stop from Sky Harbor International will take you 16h29.

One stop from Bay to Bay is 15h15min. Over six non-stop services leave Paris every day, each lasting three hour and 10 minute. More than eight non-stop services from London to Athens, with a total flying duration of three hour and 40 minute.

The one-stop Rio Athens service lasts 14h50. What airline companies are flying to Greece? While there are many carriers you can select from for your journey to Greece, please contact your airline for full stopover detail, if any, and real travelling time.

How would you like to book a plane to Greece? Best tip for travelling all over Greece is to keep it easy to get around and keep it easy. Greek dress fashions are very relaxed and make every trip a pleasant one, if you take a few easy steps. In Athens it rains the most from November to February and it is often cooler and more windy than you think, so wrap a lightweight pullover, coat or parasol when you are travelling during this period.

Streets from the major cities of Greece, whether on the continent or on one of the many isles, are often rugged and rocky, so make sure your shoes support and cover your legs, such as a private apartment for ladies or top siders for men. A perfect case has a place to attach a flask of hot tub, a telephone pad to prevent accidental leakage, burglary and destruction, and a trip adaptor if your equipment is not rated for 230V power.

There are 44 Greek aerodromes between the state airport, national airport and local airport. Travellers travelling to Greece can reach the Greek archipelago with ease or return from the archipelago to Athens. Among the local carriers operating services are Olympic Airways, Sky Express and Aegean Airways. Most of the country is covered by the railway system, which connects Greece with Central Europe and Turkey.

Inland there are long-distance coaches, but on the island the best way to get around is by bus. The KTEL operates the long-distance coaches throughout Greece. In front of the continent, the island is well served by hydrofoil vessels, sea crossings and cruise ships. So what's there to do in Greece? Attractive Mediterranean climates, sand dunes and old archeological remains make it hard to select the type of activity that can be undertaken while exploring this stunning area.

Meteora has a monastery on the continent and the Acropolis in Athens. Thessaloniki, the second biggest town after Athens, is home to a number of buildings such as bisantine cathedrals, a small church as well as a small church, a church, a museum and a number of historical buildings such as the triumphal arch of Galerius. Delphi Archaeological Musuem on the continent shows many finds from the old remains of many of the area's many temples, such as the arena where people came to adore Apollo, the Lord of lights, prophesy, music e cure, and seek advice from the oracle.

Lots of people take a boat from the Athens harbour of Piraeus to one of the many Greeks. The sun bathing on the dark sandy vulcanic beach is very much appreciated, especially after the visit of the Akrotiri archeological site, where the town was covered by vulcanic rock more than 3,600 years ago. Big Five" of Greece are Corfu, Crete, Kefalonia, Kosand Rhodes.

Often ignored as a popular eco-tourism spot, Greece has a varied countryside - rugged coastlines, rugged mountains, canyons, caverns, seas and streams. Near the Alonissos and Zakynthos Island there are exceptional sea preserves that house two endangered plant life types, the Mediterranean monk seaweed ( Monachus-Monachus ) and the Mediterranean hawksbill sea turtles ( Caretta caretta ).

Epidaurus is one of the most attractive archeological places in Greece.

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