Srilankan Airlines Online Boarding Pass

Sri Lankan Airlines Online Boarding Pass

Air fares, flight schedule, PNR status, baggage allowance & web check-in. Shortly after boarding we got a snack (cheese biscuits) and a few hours later a dinner.

Timetables to Colombo airport

Columbo is situated in the western part of Sri Lanka and is an overcrowded harbour town. Columbo is a captivating place with career-conscious tuk-tuks and livestock migrating between the high-rises. Columbo is known for: PRIVACY TRANSPORT: You can get to the centre of Columbo from Bandaranaike International Airport by taking the 187 public buses. The price to get to the centre of the town is 120 Sri Lankan rupees and the ride lasts about 50min.

AXI: TAXI: When you don't want to spend your free moment awaiting busses, you can reach the centre of the town with the 24-hour taxis that depart from the main bus station. Mean costs for a cab from the aerodrome to the centre of the town are 3,000 Sri Lankan Rupees.

Most Frequently Asked Queries

Whilst scheduling a holiday abroad is something we all look forward to, ticket reservation is a procedure that most of us fear. The SriLankan Airlines is a tour operator for travellers traveling in India and abroad. The route links leaflets with Chennai, Cochin and Bangalore as well as with Colombo, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

SriLankan Airlines is offering 0 weekly departures between Colombo and Riyadh. SriLankan Airlines' first one is 265, departing at 18:15. A SriLankan Airlines round-trip from Colombo and Riyadh lasts an estimated 3hrs. Reserve your ticket 90 day in advance to take advantage of the best SriLankan Airlines Deals.

The SriLankan Airlines services from Colombo start from Bandaranaike International Airports. CMB is the IATA prefix for this area. Arriving at King Khalid International Flight Station, you will reach Riyadh. RUH is the IATA coded name for this area. Find the best fares by checking the fare schedule and compare them.

What's the last departure time for a plane from Colombo? Last flights from Colombo to Riyadh are at 18:15, SriLankan Airlines. Which is the Colombo and Riyadh airports number? Colombo International is CMB and Riyadh is RUH. How is the Colombo International Airports called?

Bandaranaike International is the name of the main Colombo International Airfield. Riyadh International Airports. Riyadh's main international Riyadh hub is King Khalid International Airfield.

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