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A journey with several cities

Journey to many destinations with multi-city flights. Driving direction does not play a role in multi-city flights. The fares are based on weekday trips from Monday to Thursday throughout the year. Business Business Round Trip One Way Multi City. Browse all travel offers at a glance.

Can I book a flight that lands in one city and departs from another?

A. R., the kind of aircraft you are asking for is generally known as the Open Java Route. Open Java departures from city A and arrive in city to city to city to city to city to city to city. However, it is possible to make an open Java booking that takes off from city to city, country to city, and city to city and country to city. Some travellers believe that booking this kind of route will require several one-way bookings.

But unless you're operating a low-cost carriers, making a reservation for a number of one-way trips can be much more costly than making a round-trip reservation. Therefore, carriers and travel agents on-line have their own option in searching engine to make open-jaw bookings. In order to make an Open Java reservation, visit the website of an air company or on-line travel agent and click on the Multi-City, Advanced or Advanced Find links next to the reservation page on the home page.

Then you will see a page where you can type more than one city couple and a date area. Unfortunately, most tariff comparison locations do not allow searching in several cities. Searching the web pages of multiple airlines and travel agencies will take more time than booking a return ticket to find an open-jaw route.

Keep in mind that you can always make savings by travelling during the week, at off-peak hours (early in the day or early in the evening) or by adding a Saturday nights stop to your route.


Never before has it been so simple to travel. All you have to do is select the city, date and theme of the tour. There are no unfavourable airfields, no long waits for an airplane, no stays - only non-stop flight without early or delayed departure. Our aim is to make your travel convenient and energysaving.

When you click on the city on the card you want to change, click on the city you want to change and change the city to one of the lists! At the moment, if you can't make a choice, just store the journey and come back to your dreams later. Within 4 hrs of your travel being booked, we will email you a reservation receipt and e-tickets directly to your email address.

Our aim is to make sure you always get the best value for your investment, so your travel budget continues.

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