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Now you can buy a round trip ticket to Bali for $423. Now you can go to the tropic indian Bali Islands for great value. Outward and return flights begin at $423 from large east and west coast towns. This special discount ticket is valid for journeys between August and November 2018 and between January and March 2019. Much of the flight is operated by the award-winning EVA Airlines, known for its Hello Kitty aircraft.

Travellers can start at $423 this past month to travel to the picturesque Bali Islands from the main east and west coast towns. Scott's Cheap Flights discovered the scarce, cheap flights for the first time yesterday evening - and in contrast to the steepest reduced seat prices they are offered by a five-star carrier.

Travel price information says that the cheap fares can be found on flights between August and November and again from January to March 2019. Generally, the flights sell for about $566 return from San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles - and can be bought with the award-winning EVA Myir ( an air carrier known for its Hello Kitty theme aircraft and collectable Rimowa customization sets).

Journey +isure also found out that the sales were on the East Coast. Currently, the media have been able to buy $423 in return flights from New York City, although these are for flights with the less prestigious China Eastern Airlines and involve long stays in Shanghai. In order to make flights from your home base to Bali, use a low-cost KAYAK or Momondo calender.

Cheapest ticket are displayed in red and easily recognizable.

Offer of flights: USA to Island from $169 round trip flight

This offer is valid for sommer and autumn trips (especially May to June and September to October), so you can see Iceland and keep warmer. Go to Reykjavik and make your reservation at the Borg Hotels, the first luxurious hotels in the town, reminiscent of Art Deco glow, without overreacting.

You can then make a trip on foot to the Blaue Lagune - which now has its own lean holiday destination, the retreat at the Blaue Lagune - to immerse yourself in the famous Blaue Wasser (and yes, to get the perfectly instagramed). Take your trip in September to take a look at one of Iceland's key customs, the retir or the nationwide lamb gathering.

Every autumn the peasants hunt over 800,000 ewes to deliver them for the winters. Since last year, travellers have been able to take part, from a horse back ride to fetching lambs to caressing them as soon as they are in their den. There are flights from these US towns to Reykjavik:

Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New York, St. Louis, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., Travel Pirates deals site reported. For the best time to find the events that's right for you, visit Google Flights and use the calendaring tools. Minimum rates are marked red.

From New York City ($169) we get the lowest return fare, but we have also seen other towns like San Francisco ($199) and Chicago ($200), which are still quite good.

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