How to become a Minicab Driver

To become a Minicab driver

To be a successful taxi driver. Accident prevention is your top priority as a taxi driver, because accidents endanger you and your passengers and cost you money. Do you know where you can get fares?

A practical guide for retail licenses...!

A practical guide for retail licenses...! Privately rented driver's license. Mini-cab driver in London. A public transport office. Let us first of all say quite clearly what I mean by privately rented vehicle/driver mini-cab, as there are two different types of 'cabins' in LONDON. Taxi & schwarze Taxi. They have these "black taxis," officially known as hackney carriage taxes.

There are all these "normal" mid-range cars: sedan, station wagon or minivan, 8-seater MPVs multifunctional vehicles. Licensees should affix stickers to the windshield and back windshield with the licence label "License Valid from... to...". You can rent privately a taxi or a mini-cab.

I will deal with personal licences in this manual, not so-called "black taxis". Mini-booths, cabins for official purposes - Personal rental vehicles/licences. Minicab - how to get a franchise. All you need is a driver's permit known as the Hire Driver's Limited license. Driving licences for individuals are issued for 3 years from the date of issue.

Rental car licence is only for 1 year. Who should I work for, Minicab bureau? There'?s no way to tell how many job you will get from the bureau, so it's disappointing to be paying 160 pounds and not having a lot of work from the bureau. Large bureaus get many new chauffeurs before Christmas (October, November), which sometimes leads to you getting less work, as I would say that it is an unwritten policy that a new chauffeur is given good work, gets beautiful work from the bureaus to remain in the work.

In this way, if you haven't done many tasks, not much cash, you also don't get to spend much on the work. Surely it will be simpler to take the "topographical test " if you've been living in London for some period of now, but if you're just arriving and an ordinary smart man like me able to see the maps and get to your destinations by writing route descriptions, you won't have a trouble.

Prerequisites for the individual driver's licence for individuals? To obtain a driver's licence, you must verify that you meet the following criteria: I need you to go to the next mail and ask for the 1 D paper. You should therefore have the British licence or one of the state licences of the EEA.

They must possess this licence also for a duration of at least three years! So, if you're a freshman and have taken your exams in the last three years, you'll have to hold off. I' m saying, if you're a felon, it'll be more difficult for you to get a licence.

When you don't have one because you recently relocated to London, you need to find the doctor's office and sign up. Finally, there is the Topographical Skills Assessment, where you are asked to show how good you are at card reading. As soon as you return your request to the Public Carriage Office, it will take approximately 3 month for you to receive a personal identification card and work as a Mini Cab Driver in London.

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