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To find a Yellow Cab office near you, use our online shop locator. Find reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Yellow Cab locations in Houston, TX. Store Locator - Find a yellow taxi branch near you., marker) ; für (i = 0 ; in 0 ) { marker=new google.maps.marker({position : neue google.maps.LatLng(x_lat[i], x_long[i]), map itself is the new google site location for the new google site for the new google site for the new google site for the new google site for the new google site for the new google site for the new google site of the world (i)), map : map, icon : pictureMarker }) ; addListener(marker,'click', on, (function(marker, i) {return function () { infowindowmain.close() ; infowindowindow.close() ; infowindow=new google.maps.InfoWindow({ content : ''''' + x_branch[i] + ''' ' + x_address[i]);, marker) ; }

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Locate Yellow Cab locations near you

Locate Yellow Cab locations and telephone numbers near you. Von S. Drivver showed up in a paddy cab where I did the research and found out that they were more dependable and I now call them for all my cab needs. That yellow cabbie ( in the paddy cab ) was more than 20 min too late and he didn't even let me run the counter by saying that I was driven with a $40 for 4 mi is nothing in particular!

Whenever I am on the slopes, I always take a taxi and Yellow Cab has always offered me a good level of customer care. Mike N. These guys are filth. I have taken these one scumbag twice and the prize was $40 then suddenly the try and calculate $60 for the same trip and tell me I was mistaken.

Riders can hardly even talk English. From Scott S. I phoned Friday afternoons, February 18, to organize a cab for a Saturday mornings excursion to the airfield. Saturday mornin', when the cab didn't get here, I phoned again. Despite repeating reassurances that the chauffeur was on the way and/or near my home, he or she never got there and I was missing my plane.

In fact, I actually misspent the whole journey and received $75 in exchange charges from the carrier. We were expecting a much higher standard of customer care from the business and I am quite frustrated. Had they just said that they couldn't take me to the airports or that they needed more than a single working days before the appointment, I would have made other arrangements.

Instead, I have missed a journey that cannot be replicated and another that cannot be recovered.

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