Learjet 80

Lear jet 80

Series 35-092 to 35-344 without AAK 80-3: 14,300 lbs; 6,486 kg. 1981 Learjet 35A series SN 438. 2012 Learjet 45XR Series SN 45-443. /2008 Learjet 45XR Series SN 45-360.

The WDR says that parts of the Learjet only came down 80 m (264 ft) from a block of flats.

Bombarddier thinks about a smaller Learjet 85 after Derivat

In Querétaro, Mexico, the company has made significant investments in its manufacturing facilities for compound materials, which supply 85 per cent of the compound contents for the new Learjet 85. At present, the body parts for the first test cell and most of the parts for the entire casting are assembled at Bombardier's Learjet factory in Wichita.

A complete aircraft cell is planned to be installed and commissioned by the end of the year. The Learjet 85 is expected to go into operation at the end of next year. Shifted in search of a possible start date for a smaller Learjet 85 derivation - possibly referred to as Learjet 80-Acs - taking into account Bombardier's already comprehensive Bombardier products engineering plan.

Bombardier points to a smaller Learjet 85 model.

The company has indicated that it is planning to introduce a smaller model of the fully assembled Learjet 85 to the market. Learjet 85 was developed to redefine a new class between the traditionally mid-range and upper mid-range segment. "Ralph Acs, Learjet VP and General Director, says I think there's a chance between 75 and 85.

It seems that the Learjet 45XR's super-light sector is the main driver and will be superseded by the revised Learjet 75 in 2013. When asked whether the new Learjet 80 could be labeled as Learjet 80, Acs makes fun in dry form: Simultaneously, Boombardier is exploring the bright prospects of the Learjet 60XR, an emotionally resonant vehicle within the organization, as the last plane entirely conceived and constructed in Wichita.

Learjet 85 is mounted in Wichita, but most constructions are made in Mexico or Ireland. At the beginning of September, due to falling revenues, the company put the Learjet 60XR's upcoming manufacturing into break time. Installation work on the sixty XRs, which are already in progress, will continue, but no new work will be ordered in the delivery as well.

"It' s the notion of pausing [the 60XR], thinking about what it means to be paused, and we will go through a set amount of space, then you will see where we end up," says Acs.

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