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There'?s no money? If the taxi doesn't get the prize, what to do?

You rode around under the reasonable suspicion that your taxi cab fare accepted your taxi driver's credentials. There is a map processing unit in the vehicle, and you are in a town with a taxi credential. Boston, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Chicago are just a few big towns where taxi drivers have to pay by bank transfer.

But the cashless cabin system sometimes works better in practice than it does in practice. It is known in towns where taxi cabs are said to be accepting plastics that taxi riders say they do not take a credit car. It may be that a centimeter of your face is in front of a centimeter of a centimeter of your face.

Municipal rules may exist requiring riders to agree to credit. Living in Boston, anaecdotal proof indicates that most of the city's long-time inhabitants found at least one taxi driver demanding money at the end of a journey, despite 2009 legislation requiring all taxis to have functioning facilities for handling payment cards.

Boston Globe says "drivers are absorbing a 5 or 6 per cent handling charge on the price of cards, while many also have to spend $1.50 each way they draw money from an escrow bank that receives payment by cards. "Whether a taxi driver is hoping to reduce handling charges or just want quick money, he could stop travellers from using loans.

Could take a tough line and say his converting equipment is busted. If the taxi driver does not take money, are we still obliged to make the payment? Do we have to walk around town looking for an ATM? "The official tells me that some riders are in "dead spots" where their loan handling technologies are losing their connections and no longer working.

Check with the taxi operator if he is accepting credits before getting into the vehicle, even if he is driving in a town where the taxis are expected to pay by bankcards. Once I was in a Boston taxi with an allegedly busted debit chip, without cash, on a Sunday - and the doors to the ATM I had tried were closed.

Finally, the driver's cab map processing unit began to work, but only after a 20-minute dispute over whether I really hadn' t had it. Fuck the taxis.

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