Taxi in Rome Italy

Taxis in Rome Italy

The cost of taking a taxi to or from one of the airports in Rome. What does a taxi cost in Rome, Italy? The use of Uber in Rome, Italy is strange (but it still works)

In Rome there are many accounts of taxi riders at Rome's airport who tell tourists that Uber is illegally in Italy. From time to time you may also see a whitish plaque on the side of the edifice claiming that the use of Uber in Italy could result in a fine of ?5,000.

Then why is it so difficult to use Uber in Italy? In spite of all the information being miscellaneous, you can use Uber in Rome and Milan lawfully, but that's almost the amount Uber is running in Italy. Rumours that Uber was illegally present in Italy were circulated by taxi riders who felt that Uber was outbid by their shop.

Several taxi strike were held in Rome to object to the carpooling because their riders do not have to go through the same procedure to obtain an costly taxi licence. In April 2017, as a consequence of demonstrations, Uber was indeed provisionally outlawed. Uber in Rome and Milan will remain legally.

Whilst you shouldn't believe the rumours that about is in Italy illegally, you should be cautioned that the services here are quite costly. In Italy only Über Black (and Über Vans) is allowed, as the driver must have the NCC licence for city cars in order to work. Since there is neither UberX nor UberPOOL, in Italy Über is on a higher price than taxi on number.

Rome, too, is often characterised by high levels of consumer spending and price increases. Whilst Uber is not against the law in Italy, it may not be the best option for servicing cars in Rome. While Lyft is not active in Italy, there are some other alternatives: And I have a whole article about how I can prevent being attacked by a taxi in Rome because not all riders are dependable.

MyTaxi is an application that works almost exactly like Ueber, but the next taxi calls to come and get you. At the same cost as a taxi, the taxi rider waits for you with your name on a plate. Scooterino is an application that sends a rider with an additional crash helmet picking you up at your site.

Jump on the back of the bike and they'll quickly sweep you away almost anywhere in Rome. I' ll be updating this posting if anything changes in the near term, but Uber is not against the law in Italy! However, you still have many other possibilities if you do not want to use the application during your stay in Rome.

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