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Just sign up and subscribe to last-minute ticket offers through your account communication settings, and watch your inbox for great deals! Vegas Discount Show Ticket In 2002, we started offering last-minute rebate on Las Vegas shows, and since then we have become the city's biggest and most trustworthy ticket-source. Last minute ticket sales for a variety of "always booked out" shows at lower cost. Because of our low rebates and huge stock, we have become the number one ticket agent in Las Vegas with over 12 million ticket sales..

.and the number is growing.

Ticket numbers change every day depending on which shows are booked out, but we've been offering seats to almost every show that ever plays in Vegas, with all the big, hard-to-reach shows that make holiday plans for people. Browse our Today page at our booth for a complete list of available Vegas show discounts, but the best way to get your Las Vegas discounts ticket is to come and see us at one of our convenient checkout locations or call us at (877) 849-4868.

With our supportive staff, you can find a great place to dine, comfortably close to your show, and make a booking so you can dine before or after a show and spend a whole overnight in Vegas city... at a great rebate.

Last Minute Ticket Warnings from Boston Brussels

For last-minute text warnings via Bruin's Last Minute Pass, how do I register for the portable application? Start the application, scrolling to and selecting "Last Minute Pass" from the main window. Touch 'Register now'. Type your name, e-mail address and cell number, then press Free Registration and you will get an SMS that confirms that you have signed up for Brussels Last Minute Pass.

As soon as I have signed up for the Bruins Last Minute Pass, how do I buy my ticket? By clicking on the hyperlink you have been notified to buy your ticket. You may be able to buy some titles from more than one location within TD Garden. As soon as you have completed your order, your ticket will be available for you at

Those bar-coded ticket will be scanned to get you into the match. As soon as your ticket is validated, your passport will be refreshed a few hour before it is credited. Couple of a few clicks before the pick dropping you go back to on your cell phones to see your passport update with certain seats.

You will see a timer so that you know approximately when you will get your seating. Use the Bruins Mobile App to log in and get notification of seating upgrades.

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