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You can check-in, swap places, pay for your bags and get your electronic boarding passes from your mobile device. Mobile Apps for Alaska Airlines Mobile Applications Is Alaska Airlines mobile compatible? Being a member of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan (and we always encourage you to participate in reward schemes, you can use the application to administer your accounts, see pending bookings, and much more). Alaska Airlines, the world's most beloved mobile phone operating system, has made Android known to Alaska Airlines and provided an application for most Android phones.

Maybe common nowadays, the Android application provides the same features as the ArrayArray iPhone application. Take a look at the Alaska Airlines website by klicking here - you should be able to do what you need there.

The Alaska Air uses iPhones, iPads for fast mobile transformation

A comprehensive mobile transform, of course. This is where Derek Chan and his crew come in. Chan, Manager of Alaska Airlines Mobile and User Experience, has observed a recent mobile phone booming for the firm that took over Virgin America less than a year ago. History begins just over six years ago when Alaska Airlines used Apple's iPhone iPad, but only for transport.

Today, Alaska Airlines has more than 12,000 handsets - smartphones and tables - distributed to staff in various divisions, from pilots to cabin crews, field representatives, technicians and baggage handler. As well as the hard drive, our mobile team has provided about 50 applications for these different platforms, he said.

Alaska Airlines has generated 15 of the totals itself. With a CIO driving the airline's mobile and cloud-first mentality, Chan says his mobile staff is mobile. Recently, when Apple published its 11 OS betas schedule, Chan and his crew followed every thrust and every provision so that when the OS upgrades went into operation, all staff using iPhone or iPad equipment were fully on board with the new release and the carrier experienced no delays.

Chan said that the reasons for the surge in morbidity are the present infrastructural development. Air carriers own aircraft but have no direct influence over the airport or terminal where they are operating. Delivering ten thousand of mobile handsets, building and distributing applications, and finally administering all of this is costly.

So, where does Alaska Airline see a ROI to warrant its mobile transformations? Airline companies are losing cash for every single moment one of their aircraft is out of service. Chan now says each move is autographed in near-life, with a stroke of a finger or a touch of an app's fingers, as soon as it is completed.

Chan says the idea for this "Airport in a Box" approach - to control everything from a networked mobile terminal - is only appropriate.

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