Fake Taxi bill

Counterfeit taxi bill

Speak to any taxi driver and he would probably help you in exchange for a small gift. And the only 'advantage' is that the State receives a copy of the invoice. Currency Exchange Taxi Fraud - Beijing Forum So we took a taxi and when I gave a 20RMB bill for payment, the chauffeur said it was a fake and asked for another. Unfortunately, I gave a few 100RMB invoices and was informed that each one was fake. Looking back, the rider actually used skill to trade fake invoices for my genuine ones.

The other things I noticed afterwards were that he said that we should both be sitting in the back seats (so he could be less seen and I couldn't see his ID) and that he put us a little away from the front door (so we couldn't include the Concierge after the first complaint of a fake bill).

The first 20 minutes or so we were spending after we thought it was the ATM from which we had drawn the cash that had given us the wrong one. Only then did we realize that it was the rider. But the taxi's licence number would work, linked to the precise hour of the morning.

The taxi firm will know who the taxi was allocated to for this particular shifts. When you need to use a 100, make a big show by recording the invoice number before giving it to the rider. he' gonna just think you're a crazy alien. You just shut down his little switching aroo program.

I' ve travelled by taxi in Beijing a hundred time. So when a chauffeur begins to make a complaint, there are invoices on your hat. So, always get out of the cab.

B.A. Taxi Drivers Fraud (Fake ARSA100 Bill) - Buenos Aires Forum

There was a taxi rider in BA outwitting us. Tactics were that the 100 ARS you gave him were a fake bill. If you try to find another bill given to him, he would trade a fake bill for the genuine bill you first gave him. I' ve learnt from others that the best way to deal with this terrible circumstance is to verify the number on the invoice before giving it over... if you don't have to give smaller invoices.

Then if the chauffeur persists that it is a fake, tell him that you all need to call the cops to check it out. Most of the taxi riders in BA are respectable and sincere; in 10 years we've only seen one who's tried to dress us.....I've asked to waited for the cops and he's given in.

I' ve always been hearing about it (since 2013, my first visit) and was sorry that it would pass me by, but it never did... thank you for remembering me that it's a fraud that's still living... so sorry that it passed you, anyway, ARS $100 is just like $5 US... so it's not that much cash, it's still shit to get cheated.

Taxicab Driver Scram........... we spent 7 years in BA, we never had a con, a discourteous chauffeur or a trouble. There was a big standard poodle and he was greeted by every taxi rider... I have been living in Bs As for almost 10 years now.

The last time I saw this bill fraud was 9 years ago, but I'm not really amazed that it's lively and probably especially for those tourist who think taxi riders are sitting ducks. Most taxi riders are good people and even good conversation partners. I' ve made a few poor/unhappy driver become impolite when asked to ride like a regular (non-Bs ace) one.

By hopefully beckoning them back and forth to the sorrow of the unsuspecting rider, I have learnt to resist penetrating the latter.

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