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Passenger Handling - South African Airways

Online check-in is so fast and simple that it will soon become an indispensable part of your flight schedule. It' so empowering and hooked that you can never join a check-in line again. When you hold your self-printed embarkation card in your hand, you will have the feeling that your trip has already started. The flights are open for online check-in 24 hrs before take-off.

When you travel in a group, you can register all of them at once, then get your crew tickets printed or sent by e-mail. The online check-in remains open up to 90 min before departure for flights within Germany and up to two hrs before international flights. The online check-in is possible from the following airports:

This is Washington D.C., where the gates and gates are closed. Unfortunately, travelers who do not report to the gates before the agreed closing hours will be refused entry without indemnity. Boardsing schedules may differ across our networks. We kindly ask you to examine your boarding card thoroughly. Checking in times: Make sure you checked in before these times:

Boating times: All flights will be boarded at least 45 min before the planned start date. Travelers must please take enough spare to get through immigration and security. There may be high numbers of visitors at busy periods, so please plan more than 1 hours before your sailing itinerary. Closure Times:

From Johannesburg and most international and local airport. Please be aware that the closing hours of flights may differ. You should verify your e-ticket voucher for the last check-in period. Closing times: Please be aware that the closing hours of the gates may differ. We kindly ask you to examine your boarding card thoroughly. When checking in, it is necessary for all passengers to present an identity card in order to obtain their embarkation card.

Travelers can use their RSA identity document or their passport (international travel) as their identity card. These same documents shall be available at the pier. Passenger profiles for immigrant reasons may be necessary in order to prevent the carrier from incurring entry fines in advance of check-in and embarkation. Travelers are obliged to arrive at least 3 hrs before scheduled depart.

Travelers must be aware that in airport security procedures, US TSA (Transport Security Administration) checks are performed in conjunction with embarkation. There' s no need for our top travelers to be worried about having to print tickets and drop off luggage, because our V.I.P. wreath check-in will take you there.

It is a very comfortable and exclusively way to thank our SAA Voyager Lifetime Platinum, Platinum and Platinum Elect members. You will be delivered in good time before our Kerbside personal check-in and a courier will enter your bag for you. Sitting down for a cup of hot and cold teas, coffees or a beverage with bottled running hot and cold waters, our highly committed employees will take care of the check-in procedures, mark your luggage and forward it to the store.

Both Platinum and Platinum Elect members can take two guest while Lifetime Platinum members have the right to take three guest if they travel the same route and simultaneously board. Curb check-in is only possible for flights with SAA operations.

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