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BY L CAB London's famous taxis were introduced into the streets of Perth! Taxis Perth, Belmont, Western Australia. 13/LCAB - Booking now London's renowned cabs were launched into the Perth Straits, Australia's Secretary of State Troy Buswell said: "These cabs are a synonym for the international taxi industry". These specially designed cabs have been specially designed to resist the harsh Aussie climate, are coated whitely to resist the sun and have a different aeration system than their London counterparts to ensure they do not get overheated.

Cabs and are a funny alternate to the limousines currently used on the streets of Perth. The next you need a taxi, call 13LCAB and stylishly drive through Perth!

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that said I should call the cops, really? I tried to go home tonight, but was rejected because the taxi drover wanted me to prepay and I had no money with me, just my ticket......... A London taxi took me from the airport to my house in Bellevue.

So, I gave the alien rider the street name, the place and all of them plus the area. After telling him I wouldn't be paying for his foolishness, he warned me to take me to the cops. Eventually he took me home after I had warned him to take him to the policestation, and I had captured his arguing behaviour in front of the film.

Caution - Do not use the London Cabs Drivers No. -49045. A taxi I reserved for my son's prom, but the chauffeur came very later and finally we had to call it off and just drove it ourselves... very frustrating wait! Telling my aunt who had come to me to tell me what he said, that I had been in a vehicle like his many places, in fact I had been in the same vehicle the previous one!

They' are offical website that is in the transperth website, stating that these taxis are for those who sit in a wheelchair that can transmit whatever I can regardless. This also means that the cabins are equipped with "special equipment" such as a folding dock. Afraid an excuse and a statement from 13 Cabs that they will blame the rider and inform other riders about this kind of discriminatory behaviour so that no one else has to go through what I have done.

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