St Louis County Cab

St. Louis County Taxi

Saint Louis, MO 63132 I' ve given up County Cab tonight: You' ve been fucked with for the last one! I' ve been hung 6x in the last 5 week and I have also been accursed by the operator (they redirect their telephones after 9pm to both India and Central America, which means you get guys from another land who you can't hear and who can't hear you - and who don't care about you either! Riders are great IF you can get one out of the shitty scheduling system they have now. They also had a taxi run by the same firm that came in but denied me servicing even though it was a big truck because they were there for someone else for the class and said I couldn't part.

I' m angry because I own a transport business and sincerely expect this to be a useful one. I' m a big client enough that the riders are all on a first name base, and the "manager" ["shari"] and one of the "owners" [forgot his name] recognised my bankroll ( between $300 and $500 per months for several years issued as I am disabled).

Henceforth it is about: "I don't mind the surcharges, I have to know that I won't stay on the streets for hours at a stretch! It is the best value St. Louis cab fare & I have my good and my worst with them.

In the first place, many of the riders are mainly aliens who can be very irreverent and may not even know where they are going. A driver didn't have a GPRS system and had a map log and asked me if I knew how to get to where I was going - I didn't.

That' s why I don't tip driver anymore. I' ve only seen two tiresome chauffeurs since using this ministry. Not to mention the account managers, they're fine. Exceptional customer-oriented service: The taxi ride to me showed the best client experiences I could have. I' ve used the services of County/Yellow Taxis is St. Louis several time when I was at work in St. Louis.

Servicing was very fast and professionally. The prices are very favourable for the cabins they offer. And I appreciate the customer-oriented services they offered me. A taxi cab operator gave the telephone to Cab if he was not obliged. A taxi president phoned my alternative number on my cell screen to keep me up to date.

And I would suggest her services, which I found very professionally and competitively. Where do you not know where your taxis are? Timely, kind and dependable services by the dispatchers and drivers. He was very kind and kind, the drivers were polite and got there on schedule, and he brought me to my goal in an efficient way.

Superior customer care. Right on schedule, ch.... Superior customer care. Punctual, obliging and kind chauffeur and neat cab. Text messaging when the taxi was checked in and when it got there. The majority of my experiences have been good except that there is a lack of good English for riders who have taken longer or more costly trips due to bad communications abilities.

I' ve been a client for over 20 years. Sure, punctual and obliging. Poor ratings must be penned by a contest that tries to insult the business. Terrific companionship and the best I found in St. Louis. Professionally and they evenly spread the taxis around the town and show up in 5 min in the town.

They actually have CLEAN cabins (they don't odour like the common changing room smokable fragrance in other downtown cabins). My daugther visited the St. Louis NPH home with her little girl on December 27 when she needed a taxi. The taxi was summoned. Drivers got here fast and were more than polite.

More than that, he took the trouble to make sure her visit would be enjoyable. In an unknown town alone she was comforted by the friendliness of this rider. I and my familiy will always use County Cab service when we are in or around St. Louis.

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