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What does a personal jet cost? Privately owned jet fares allow travellers to take any flight around the globe and without much effort to the Caribbean for a last-minute excursion or last minute meetings. How much does a personal jet cost? No matter whether you buy your own plane or charter one, there are many different things that affect the cost.

Privately operated jetliners can be small turbo-props or lightweight jetliners, medium-sized or supermiddle jetliners, large jetliners or deluxe executives. For longer journeys, small airplanes have to stop and fill up, which increases the cost and journey times. Next, you should consider whether you want a new or used airplane. For example, a brand-new Cessna Citation M2, a seven-seater lightweight jet, will cost about $4.5 million at a basic rate; the Learjet 75, a favorite nine-seater mid-size jet, will cost about $13.5 million; and the ultra-luxurious Gulfstream G650, a 10-seater jet, will cost about $64.5 million.

The 17-seater Bombardier Global 6000 will cost $60 if a purchaser is planning to travel with more than that. The life span of an airplane is rather determined in flying and landing times than in old-age so that private planes are often able to survive for years. A lot of purchasers decide to buy a used airplane in order to save money.

Cost is not yet exhausted. As soon as the airplane is bought, the biggest expenditure for the owner is the airplane servicing, which can cost several hundred thousand to several million dollar per year. Among the extra charges for jet operators are security checks, insurances, fuel, cabin room, as well as the salaries and cost of pilots and manning.

And if you want to customise the passenger compartment of your plane, it can be done at a high cost, with a premium cab designed to cost up to $100 million. In view of the high cost of ownership of an airplane, renting a personal jet is a much better choice for the vast majority of travellers as it provides all the comfort of a personal jet without the cost of servicing an airplane.

Whereas jet passengers also bear expenses such as petrol, ground services, landings, crew charges and passengers tax, the owners bear the cost of costly upkeep. Travellers who charter a personal jet can save money by selecting the perfect plane for each trip. In this way, travellers can make sure that the plane they choose is always the cheapest one.

Please see our articles for more information on how much it will cost to rent a Privatjet. But not every airplane can record all directions. Minor jet operators must rent a bigger airplane or purchase a long range flight business card. Travellers travelling on privately chartered jets can be sure that their flight is always suitable for their intended use.

Privately chartered jet users can also take full benefit of "empty flights" when a one-way jet returns to the airframe, or continues to another point for the next reservation. Blank knees provide an exceptional rebate, sometimes up to 75% off the cost of a normal charters, otherwise the airplane would fly empty.

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