Best Executive Jets in the World

The best executive jets in the world

Hop up ^ "The best and worst small private jet toilets". This information probably includes the best private jets on the market. Tempomat: Privat jets and super yachts with all the comfort of a top quality resort.

This exhibition also raises the cover of an aviation and space factory in Al Ain to show how Emirati females take responsibility for manufacturing aircraft parts for industrial tycoons such as Boeing and Airbus. Research indicates that the $33 billion volume of the $1 billion personal jet aircraft worldwide by 2020 could be reached, and clients placing orders at Abu Dhabi Air Expo are charging $4.5 million for their jets.

"We' re seeing the CEOs and top leaders of corporations that fly these planes. You could own a jet like that - with chimes and pipes - for about $55 million. Among the latest business aircraft market trend are high-speed connections, world-class consumer electronics and crystal-clear telephone line technology.

This is convenient if you need to call in advance to book a berth at Al Bateen Executive Abu Dhabi International Executive Airports. It is the only own privat jets centre in the MENA area with a total of 50 aircraft and was also the 60,000 m² event location for this year's Air Expo. It is the hub of the capital's overall strategy to become the number one location for local aircraft operators to keep their aircraft parked.

A number of respondents forecast that the Middle East aviation industry could treble over the next 10 years, and Abu Dhabi's General Manager of Aviation Airports, Nasser Juma, believes this number to be attainable. If you wonder if privately owned jets will be the preserve of the super-rich and celebrity forever, think again.

There are new entrants to the markets and new entrants to the transaction. We are seeing more and more individuals traveling on privately owned jets that do not belong to them, just chartering them. United Arab Emirates women in aerospace: The next times you get on a passenger aircraft to fly to an extravagant location, take a few moments to look at the fins or spoilers of your Boeing or Airbus aircraft.

This is because it is possible that the parts were manufactured directly here in the UAE by a committed Emiratis employee in Al Ain. Men have always been the main force in the aviation and space technology sectors, and it' s within a business named Strata that men have taken over. They assemble and produce important parts for industrial titanium like Boeing and Airbus, and the emirates do it in masses.

"Being part of this business, realizing that the parts my crew and I make with my bare palms fly around the world and change people's lifes makes me so proud," says junior supervisor Meera Al Shamsi. Airplane rudder and butterfly valves have been manufactured in Toulouse and Seattle for centuries, so the UAE has taken the sector by storm.

Strata's master plan is for Al Ain to become a world-class machining center for the aviation and space industries by 2030, and they are well on their way to a successful launch. Is the UAE equipped with sufficient infrastructures to meet the increased demands of major international companies? "It is a new sector in the UAE and the domestic delivery chains have to go their way to reach a certain existential level," says Al Dahbashi.

Strata's aim of maintaining its strategic course and pursuing its aspirations vigorously in the coming years will remain the same for the young Emirati women team. Their commitment, devotion and capabilities in the high-tech aviation and space industry are visible to all. Wellcome to the world of the top 1 per cent - where if you have a million bucks or more left - here you go to shop.

By 2030, the world' s yacht manufacturing sector is expected to reach $3 trillion, and the UAE is committed to further expanding its overall reach. Featuring 450 boat exhibits from an estimated 850 globally operating corporations, the annually held conference is designed to raise funds from investment community members. It is an occasion for the UAE to promote itself as a premier port of call and luxurious cruise centre.

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