Taxi fare Charges

Taxis Charges

The driver must use the taximeter attached to the vehicle to calculate the fare. Amount displayed on the meter is the maximum price that can be calculated. Fare for Happycoaches Rat fixes prices for coach trips that take place entirely within the limits of the town ( pdf, 3.6 MB) (opens in new window). You should see a copy of the Tarif der Tarife (pdf, 112 KB) (opens a new window) in the car.

The driver must use the meter on the car to determine the fare.

Amount displayed on the counter is the maximal price that can be calculated. Counter displays 0000 (zero) when you step on the car. Start tariff is displayed as soon as the car is moving. Should you have any doubts about how much you have been billed, please do not hesitate to use our on-line enquiryaire.

When your trip is outside the town limits, the rider does not need to use the measuring device. Discuss the fare with the rider before you leave. Drivers must inform you of the fare to be charged. Unless you ask for a travel modification during the trip, this is the price you should be paying.

In case you cannot arrange a fare with the chauffeur, find another chauffeur and car and negotiate with him. No fee is charged for assistant dog for the handicapped or for wearing equipment such as a wheelchair. Tariffs for privately rented accommodation are not fixed by the municipality. Certain cars may be equipped with a counter.

A few landlords can use the same tariffs as those for coaches. By booking, you make an arrangement with the landlord to arrange a car and a chauffeur to accompany you on your trip. They should know what the estimated costs of the trip will be.

Be sure you have enough cash to cover the trip.

Hongkong taxi tariffs will go up after the HK$2 raise has been authorized.

Taxi travel to Hong Kong will start to rise from 9 April after the Tuesday approval by the Hong Kong authorities of an adjustment to rates for city, new area and Lantau Island service. Ticket prices for trips in pedestrian taxi will rise by 9.98 percent in cities, 11.15 percent in New Territories and 8.6 percent in Lantau.

Each taxi will see the flags drop by HK$2, resulting in the reserve price for a city taxi to HK$24, a New Territories cabin drive to HK$20.50 and a Lantau drive to HK$19. The last price changes were made in December 2013.

Ticket prices will be increased by 10 cent per 200 meters in metropolitan areas, increasing the fare to HK$1.70. For the first 9 km of a trip, this increases, after which the suggested rate of climb is 20 cent, which increases the cost to HK$1.20 per 200m. New Territories Taxi rates for the first 8 km will be increased by 10 cent per 200 meters to HK$1.50 and for the rest of the trip by 20 cent per 200 meters to HK$1.20 per 200 meters.

At Lantau, fees will be increased by 10 cent per 200 meters to HK$1.50 during the first 20 kilometers of a trip and by 20 cent per 200 meters for the rest to raise ticket prices to HK$1.40 per 200 meters. Taking into consideration the rises, a taxi trip from the city area to the HK$250 currently charged will rise by approximately HK$20 once the new rates come into effect.

Adaptations are coming as the taxi industry fights to hire riders and youngsters become unsettled by the ill repute of some taxi riders and low job opportunities. An Transportation and Housing Office spokesperson said the increases would increase revenues for taxi riders who rent their vehicles, which he said had made HK$16,000 to HK$18,000 per months - lower than the overall transportation industry wage of more than HK$19,000.

Said the raises would also help win new bloody goods for sale. He said the administration had reduced the taxi trade's suggested fare hike numbers to make sure they were accessible to the people. Mr. Ng Kwan-sing, president of the Taxi Dealers and Owners Association, said that taxi companies had no plan to raise rent for cabbie vehicles despite price hikes.

Tariff increases will be conditional on changes to the law, which will be submitted to the Council for review next weekend. These new tariffs are scheduled to come into force on 9 April.

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