Alaska Airlines Frequent Flyer Account

Frequent Flyer Account

General Terms and Condtions for the Miles Plan There are no copyrights of any kind under the program unless specifically stated herein. Companies and other institutions are not entitled to become members of Microsoft Internet Explorer, but can register with EasyBiz. miles www. miles miles can be earned through: Please note that Miles sent to www. miles.

com may not be accumulated or accumulated by different individuals (including members of their families) on the same account, with the following exception:

Members of an eligible airline will earn miles from Plan? on qualified departures from and to their destinations on the basis of the non-stop number of miles indicated on the tickets. If the trip is a connection with a changed number, members will earn a miles award for each airegment. An air traffic segments is defines as trips on aircrafts with the same air traffic number between departure and arrival destinations, independent of stopovers.

The members receive the actually released kilometres between the start and the finish or 500 mile, whichever is higher. There are no ways to collect the following kinds of tickets: Map Plan? Miles: Non-Used Fare; Free Fare; Non-Revenue Dependent Fare; Discounted Business Fare; Charters; Consolidator Fare; Value travel authorizations (VTA) Fare; Two-to-One Accompanying Fare; Sub-Order Services Fare; Any Fare purchased or used in breach of these Membership Terms and Conditions; In excess of this, Fare will not be credited for any flight canceled due to meteorological or servicing problems.

Miles earned on other airlines' frequent flyer programmes may not be used for MVP or MVP Golden qualifying. You may not earn miles in another airline's frequent flyer programme when using MVP or MVP Golden Awards, which include First Class Upgrades. Members who participate in more than one frequent flyer programme of an air carrier may not earn miles in more than one frequent flyer programme for the same type of action.

Before traveling, members must specify the frequent flyer programme in which they wish to earn frequent flyer points for a particular route. The transfer of frequent flyer programme frequent flyer miles from one carrier to another is not allowed unless is allowed. The member is responsible for keeping vouchers, embarkation cards, hotels vouchers, hire cars, etc. until the milestone balance is shown on a member card.

Enquiries and related documents should be sent directly to the programme Plan? to one of the above mentioned contacts. Applications must contain the member's name, Mileage's account number Plan and documents. In order to use the airline's miles balance, the member must submit travel documents and a copy of his/her tickets or an e-mail confirming the receipt.

Members should attach a copy of the lease agreement to earn miles on rentals. Members should enclose a copy of the hospitality voucher to earn miles for stays in hotels. Certain partners of Plan? may request that accompanying documents be sent directly to them to establish the distance travelled. Miles may be earned for up to one year from the date of qualified employment.

Miles cannot be awarded for activities that took place before registration for the program. No miles will be earned on non-associate airline tickets. You can find these specials in our Bonus Miles table. Reward journey room is restricted and subjected to checkout appointments and other capability checks. Exceptions permitting otherwise improper open pine voyages are allowed if the voyage is between the State of Alaska and the lower 48 States and there is a stoppingover in Southeast Alaska.

The Member is responsible for reviewing these terms and conditions before using miles for a reward. Miles will be taken when you reserve an Award and issue an electronically generated one. Reward bookings can be cancelled free of charge within three workingdays of booking.

After issuance, all rewards and reward passes from Plan? are the member's sole and exclusive liability. Replacement, renewal, reissuance or conversion of reward coupons, as well as recharge of points to the member's account will incur additional charges. Travelling on reward coupons is governed by the fare, transport agreement, ticketing conditions and guidelines of the operator on whom the journey is made.

When a Reward Reserve is modified that involves an extra amount of Miles, these Miles must be deducted from the same account from which the initial Reward was used. Stand-by trips are not allowed on one-way tickets. Stand-by journeys on previous services are allowed on the round fare segment of an outward and round robin reward fare.

Reward coupons have no present value and are non-refundable, but miles can be redeemed for a servicing charge. Any miles or passes that are credited for money or other considerations, other than miles in effect, will be null and void if they are credited for money or other considerations, with the exception of miles purchased at Plan?, gift miles, or miles credited via Any passenger whose itinerary is disrupted due to irregularities while travelling on a premium travelcard issued by Mailage Fribourg Region will be diverted by the performing airline.

Members of Members of Mileage Plan? are liable for all duties, charges and supplements associated with Reward Trips. In addition, the services provided as part of our online services may be taxable. It is the member's exclusive liability to pay such a levy at Plan?. Connections should be required and reserved at the point of booking the reward trip and issuing the ticket.

The trip is for connecting use only and is dependent on uptime. Travelling to and from overseas locations is governed by overseas permits, limitations and passport/visa regulations. The member and his/her travelling companion are responsible for compliance with applicable regulations on documents, flight charges and possible charges for the use of airports. Toddlers travelling on reward tickets to certain airline partners for overseas departures are required to pay an extra charge at the point of origin.

Passengers are responsible for contacting the Affiliate to calculate the cost of transporting the Toddler and to organise the issue of Tickets for the Toddler. Name associated with the reward tickets in the booking must exactly correspond to the name on the passenger's travel document or travelpass. All changes to the Membership Terms and Conditions, as well as the number of miles required to earn miles from Plan?, are backdated and affect all previously earned miles.

Members who accumulate miles on their account will not be entitled to any vesting right with regard to certain rewards or certain services provided by us at Plan?. Members may not be able to count on the continuing unavailability of rewards or levels when accruing miles, and Members may not be able to receive rewards for all travel destination or flight.

Changing the advantages of using your miles, member affiliation, or serviced city; limiting the number of places available for rewards trips or otherwise limiting the continuing unavailability of rewards or promotions; changing the portability of rewards. Unless the Membership Program has been cancelled in accordance with these Membership Terms, miles earned at Plan? have no expiry date and may continue to be earned permanently on an account that is in use.

Erased miles cannot be restored. Members can, however, access a full account history of 24 month history of account activities from Plan? on-line. My Account requires a My Account Profiles in order to display the activities on-line. User ID and password are needed to create a My Account Profiles. Users are asked to enter their user ID and password when they access account information on-line.

The Member is responsible for protecting his/her User ID and password to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing his/her My Account information. Member will be asked to verify their identity and certain account information before contacting Plan? customer service representative to review the account information. At Alaska, we have a wide range of airlines and non-airline affiliates that allow members to earn and/or redeem miles under the Plan? program for members who use their product or service.

Affiliates may, at their sole option and without prior notification, determine the amount of points earned for their Rewards, the amount of points earned for an eligible Frequent Flyer Experience, or other limitations on the use of Rewards on their flight. The routes and destination permitted for reward airlines differ by carrier.

Points shall not be transferred and may not be used in conjunction with another Member's account or with any other account of the same Member, except as allowed by the Points Transfer Member Points programme. Rewards or accumulated points, up to and incl. points bought, are not the ownership of the Member on whose account the points were booked to via email to Plan? .

Rewards or accumulated points, however, offer the Member the opportunity to redeem these points for journeys at the Redeem Point (not at the point of redemption). You may not sell, purchase, or trade your MVP® Gold Guest Upgrades, MVP® Gold Guest Upgrade Credits, Company Fare Discount Codes, or Board Room Tickets, except to the extent that your current purchase or transfer of your MVP® Gold Guest Upgrades, MVP® Gold Guest Upgrades, MVP® Gold Guest Fare Discount Codes or Board Room Tickets is not permitted, unless you have earned your current purchase or transfer your current purchase of your MVP® Fare Discount Codes.

Miles, allowances or ticket sales, purchases or exchanges through other channels are invalid. Name, adress, phone number and account number of the member of Plan? should be provided in each communication. Members are responsible for contacting their respective affiliate directly at Plan? to obtain further information or limitations.

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