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What is the cost of a taxi from Hod Hasharon, Israel to Tel Aviv, Israel? and New York, and on the same meridian as Budapest and Krakow. Please do not hesitate to get in touch Brumarescu Street, No. 7, Fourth Precinct, Bucharest. We do not publish your personally identifiable information, except in cases of litigation.

In accordance with Act 677/2001, I can make a request in writing, duly completed and signed, and sent to the MERIDIAN Group: Turnu Magurele Street, No. 52-62, 4 County, Bucharest, Postcode 041713, which allows me to use one of the following rights:

Meridian Taxi in the App Store

With this new meridian release, the taxi industry has a new feature: You can see how the taxi comes to you, in real-time, is of course contained here ..... MARIDIAN TAXI is the first MERIDIAN GROUP member with over 20 years of expertise in the transportation of passengers. Meridian Taxi is a highly qualified taxi service provider, guaranteeing security, comfort and speed at all times.

Satisfied customers are a top priorities for MERIDIAN TAXI, which is why the firm provides a high level of service, speed and a broad selection of top class automobiles such as Renault Megane, Renault Clio, Skoda Octavia and Dacia Logan. Savour the journey in our taxis! <font color=#38B0DE>-=folosi?i=- Proudly Presents v? v? Location aplica?ia Meridian TAXI, v? s? v? s? o Dac? în Magazinul App Store.

ir www. www. The Meridian is one of the best taxi operators in Bucharest.

Coming from the railway yard (7-12 minutes):

Coming from the railway yard (7-12 minutes): CYCLE: 79, 86 (on the leftside of the station) or 133 (opposite the station) to the Piata Romana stop. Continue on, at the first small intersection you will see, turn right into Mendeleev road, then at the first intersection turn right again into Biserica Amzei road and go to number 22 (behind the Tonka Bars, opposite the guardhouse in front of the French Embassy).

From the Gara de nord stop, one stop, after Piata Victoriei, take the other line and continue one stop, after Piata Romana. Go to the junction, 1) go across the road on the opposite side ("left"), 2) turn at the next small junction turn to your right, 3) turn at the next right, go past Tonka and come to the watch opposite the youth centre.

TAXI: a taxi trip to us is less than 10 LI. Continue on this road, turn right at the next small crossroads and go ahead until you come past the Tonka Pub and find the guardhouse, we are on the other side of the road. Expressbus 783 operates non-stop; you must pick up the tickets from the stand, NOT on the buss.

But if you rather take a taxi - a taxi is 1,40 Lei/km, everything else is a robbery. It is not possible to get dependable cabs in front of the airports, but in the car park or near the highway. You' re gonna have to go outside, take the high road, take a cab.

When you have a mobile telephone, you can call: Meridian-Taxi - 0040 21 9444 ; Taxi 2000 - 0040 21 9494 ; Comfort taxi - 0040 21 9421 (The Romanian number is 0040, I have indicated the numbers as if you had been calling from a mobile telephone abroad).

The French Embassy, the Tonka Bars. Take the card with you (the card below); 2. have the precise location with you; 3. use the orientation points if you want to ask for the way (the Tonka bars and the French embassy).

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