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Do you need a taxi in Copenhagen or in the northern parts of Zealand? Go, North Taxi Cheater. 4x48 Taxi North in the App Store Do you need a taxi in Copenhagen or in the north of Zealand? The 4x48 Taxi North application on your phone allows you to reserve your taxi without having to contact the call centre. Once the application is launched, it finds your site and displays the adress.

If you would like to reserve a taxi to another destination, please click on the small square with the destination and click on "Select from map" or "Enter destination".

You will be asked to provide your name and cell phone number for the first order placed after the first installation of the application, which will then be saved in the application under "Settings" and you will not have to reenter it for the next order. If you need to make a reservation for another individual, just fill in the person's name and cell phone number on the "Order Taxi" page.

When you need more than one taxi, just make an extra order (4 persons / taxi). If you need a large vehicle, please call TaxiNord by clicking on "Call Taxi" and number. - To use the application to call the taxi service running in the area where you are trying to order if you are outside the 4x48 area.

Ingeniously, the day the door is opened - or the day after the door is closed, the door is closed. Every burder has a "priority service" provided by Genem branch with work, men who, according to the Vent and Kurt (on the basis of a declaration of confidence), have been previously chauff?rder the annuller (on a regular day) ringed any up to 4x35 and have a period of less than 5 minutes.

The Bestiller is known for the right address. The best results are achieved when you know that the ducker is on the market, and that's not all!

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My husbands and I came to the Gare Du Nord a few days ago on a Sunday afternoons with the Eurostar. I knew, thanks to the useful information in this board, that I didn't take rides from accidental persons in the train and only took a taxi from the taxi rank.

As we made it outside, I saw a series of cabs parking on the road in front of the train depot and thought this was the taxi rank. Approaching a rider, I gave him the name of our accommodation I had noted down. But I resisted because I knew that while the Latin quarter was on the banks of the river, the nearby resort was not that far away and should pay no more than 20 Euro.

Trying to persuade me that it was very far away, he then asked another near rider how much he was charging for this place, and he said 55 Euro! because it was rainin' and I was sleepy and I just wanted to go to the motel.

We went around the block to the other side of the train yard. I was surprised to see another taxi rank, equipped with railings for the queue and a guy in uniform leading them to the cabs. So we took a taxi, the chauffeur said something in French (I wasn't really sure, but I just wanted to get back to the hotel), and we all got on.

that there' s a counterfeit cab rank and a genuine cab rank. Be sure to go to the formal one because there is a group of taxi riders just waitin' to cheat you and take your moneys.

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