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Type in how much money is in your pocket and find the sum. Well, I had a great idea for the taxijob on the ESX community and would really enjoy this feature on my server. Local private taxi companies have counters at the airport.

Inquiry] Taxi odometer | Taxi trips count the distance and count certain money - Resource Development & Modding / Diskussion

Well, I had a great suggestion for the taxijob on the ESX community and would really appreciate this function on my own servers. This would make the taxi service seem logic and plausible, since in reality you measure the distances you cover with a taxi and charge a certain amount for that mileage.

Just do it, you can tell any taxi cabbie that maybe 1 minute is 10 bucks, and that's or 1 mi 100 bucks. It' s based on decimal significance that any prize cannot be accurate and has a real opportunity of actually charging right for the distance instead of so shabby taxi drivers say $600 for 2 down pads.

Some time ago I created a taxi metre utility and created scripts and divided it with a servers I game.

What's the distance of the retreat from the terminal? How much?

The distance from the destination to the nearest airports. How much does the taxi costs from the airports and whether available via, ula, maru. southepinf... hiteshrey... docshanka... docshanka.... So we took a pre-paid taxi from the airfield, we were billed RS.750 at 8am. It is 35 km from the nearest aerodrome and 1 hour by taxi.

The non-AC cabin I rented was payable in advance at the stand counter at the entrance to the terminal, which cost me about 850/-. Your taxis display a rose receipt with the taxi number at the counter without having to make any payments. If you come from the airports, the taxi will find you - don't bother and take your baggage with you.

The driver will take you to the motel and only take the money. Think AC -Taxi is at 1050/- res.

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