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The Arik Air is a private and fully fledged Nigeria based carrier that offers both local and overseas services and began operation in 2006. They are the premier carrier in West Africa.

Operating from its two hubs in Abuja and Lagos, Arik Air is headquartered at the Arik Air Aviation Centre at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos State. Arik Air in 2014 designed and extended a business arrangement with Emirates by concluding an arrangement to provide end-to-end customer interconnectivity on each other's networks.

From 2016, Arik Air will be the biggest airliner in West Africa, serving a large net of routes in Nigeria, Africa, Europe and the USA. Over the years the company has become very dependable and cancellation is a thing of the past as it is equipped with a total of over 25 planes.

In 2016 Arik Air celebrated its tenth birthday. Your continued mandate is to improve regional Connectivity and make it easier to transport passenger through your airline networks. The Arik Air aircraft portfolio includes CRJ100, Airbus A340-500, Airbus A330, Boeing 737, Bombardier CRJ-900, Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 and Hawker HS 125-800XP.

Covering a broad array of routes on three continents, Arik Air is continually striving to grow to provide the most comprehensive choice of services to West African travellers. Only in 2016 did the carrier continue its planned growth and commence operations to Libreville and Gabun. It is a peculiar trip because it has been many years since Nigeria experienced a flight to and from the city.

The Arik Air program for frequently flyers is Arik Affinity Wings. The Arik Affinity Wings program allows travelers to take advantage of fidelity awards and accumulate points on national, local, and long-haul travel. There is an on-line check-in available for those who fly on all Arik Air services. Checking in 24 hrs prior to your flight starts and ends 5 hrs prior on scheduled departures and 3 hrs prior on scheduled departures.

Arik Air has an extensive range of services on offer. Please consult the Arik Air website for on-line check-in. The Arik Air check-in desks open 2 hrs prior to your flight start for home travel, 3 hrs prior to your flight start for local travel and 4 hrs prior to your flight start for overseas travel. Arik Air travellers must be checked in before closing the check-in desks. The Arik Air check-in desks are closed 30 min before your flight to Germany, 45 min before a flight to a region and 90 min before an airline to an area.

Make sure you get to the destination long before the check-in desk for your flight is closed. It has been more than a year since Arik Air was acquired by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON). Arik Air's regional manager for South-South, South-East and South-West regions, Henry Ejiogu, made this known at an informative meeting with Lagos based tour operators.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that AMCON acquired the carrier in February 2017 due to its high level of indebtedness. Mr. Ejiogu said that Arik Air's activities have improved under the AMCON leadership of Capt. Roy Ilegbodu and are now considering the consolidation of the previously achieved profits.

Mr. Bennett said the event was intended to raise public understanding of the airline's present stance on flight operation, client relationships, trade and retail service for tour agents. Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reported that the MMA2 terminals are run by Bi-Courtney Aviation Service Limited (BASL). A flight from Arik Air to Port Harcourt on Saturday took off from Murtala Muhammed Airport 2, (MMA2) Lagos, signaling the end of a 10-year crack between the carrier and the MMA 2 operator.

Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reported that the MMA2 terminals are run by Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL). Since February 2008, Arik had avoided a policy to convert its national activities to MMA 2. As a result, legal disputes arose between the carrier and BASL until a recent settlement was reached mediated by the new senior managers of the carrier nominated by the Asset Mangement Company of Nigeria (AMCON).

Murat Ozcan, Vice President, Ground Operations, Arik Air, said Saturday that the carrier was pleased to transfer its day-to-day Port Harcourt services from the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) to MMA 2. He said that the choice to transfer all services from Lagos-Port Harcourt to MMA2 was driven by the need to improve the flight quality for passengers.

"It also has automatic check-in, spacious departure areas, lounge areas, dining areas and stores. Capt. Abdullahi Mahmood, Chief Air Pilots, Arik Air, said that the airline's customers would be better served by the MMA 2 facilities: "As an expert air traveller who has traveled to many different parts of the globe, I can say that the MMA 2 is a very standardized and advanced international destination and Arik Air is excited about this partnership," he said.

The Chief Executive Officer of BASL, Capt. Jari Williams, promised the Arik Air executive board a smooth handling of air travel at the airport terminals. "Meanwhile, Ma2 will remain a secure, secure and effective passenger-friendly facility to offer Arik's customers extraordinary service in Port Harcourt and the best destinations for other air travelers and customers.

" Our aim is to guarantee all those arriving at Arik Air this Saturday a smooth service, as we welcome them all to our terminal," he said. Williams, representing BASL spokesman Steve Omolale, said that with this move, Arik Air has teamed up with Dana, Aero, Med-View, Azman and First Nation carriers that have operated regular services from AMA2 over the years.

As NAN reported, the highlight of the event was the launch of 15 Economy and five Business Class tickets for the first passenger to check in for the three planned daily outings. Arik Air, Nigeria's largest airline, has started its Lagos-Port Harcourt flight operations from the Murtala Muhammed Airport terminal two (MMA2), the airport among recommendations of lobbyists.

Presidential and Arik Air's Presidential Aviation Flight (PAF) and Executive Board have agreed a MoU that will enable the carrier to support PAF pilot education in the provision of professional and scheduled flight services. Muhammed Airport. The deal was concluded on 1 March when Hassan Bala Abubakar, an PAF flight commandant and chief of staff, took high-ranking representatives of the PAF aircraft to the Arik Aviation Centre at Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos.

"In accordance with the conditions of the Memorandum, Arik Air will make available to the presidential fleet pilot personnel evaluated for line and hourly formation purposes for the purpose of maintaining the competence of the aeroplane, comprising the operation of periodic paid flights under surveillance, in accordance with the air carrier-approved standards," states a declaration notifying the Memorandum of Understanding that has been selected.

Competence trainings cover topics such as flight meteorology, flight scheduling, technical flight advice and in-depth aircraft incident analyses. Arik Air's CEO, Roy Ilegbodu, said the deal would go a long way to fill the gaps in the education and skills of airline fleets and added that both sides will work together to meet their objectives.

Mr Abubakar paid tribute to the assistance the Arik navy has gained over the years. At Arik Air we have launched the Garden City Express Passenger Transfer Services from Murtala Muhammed, Ikeja, Lagos airports to Nigeria Air Force (NAF), Port Harcourt, Rivers State Capitals. The international Port Harcourt International Park is situated in Omagwa.

As a rule, travellers usually stay at least two weeks connecting the major part of Port Harcourt from the terminal. Under the new regime, however, Arik customers would not experience any distress and would cause additional transport costs. Roy Ilegbodu, Arik Air's CEO, commented on the Garden City Express and reassured travellers that they would receive "premium passenger service".

"We' re pleased to be able to provide this premier experience to our clients who are time-sensitive and want to shorten the long journey from Omagwa to Port Harcourt City," he said. It is the first and only Arik Air flight to take off and land in MMA2 Lagos. Garden City Express complements Arik Air's three day trips from Lagos to Port Harcourt International Airport Omagwa.

Air Limited has lodged a N20 billion lawsuit against the federal government and Ethiopian Airlines for recent allegations in the press that they have negotiated the acquisition of the carrier. This lawsuit was brought by the air carrier at the Federal Court of Justice in Lagos against Ethiopian Airlines, the Federal Ministry of Transport and the Attorney General of the Federation.

A copy of the complaint lodged on 6 September 2017 by Mr Babajide Koku, SAN, Mr Chukwuemeka Nwigwe and Ms Ezinne Emedom, legal advisers to Arik Air, was received in Lagos today. The applicant's application, backed up by a 20 para. sworn declaration made by Chris Ndulue, a director of Arik Air, called on the Tribunal to discourage the first and second respondents from further negotiating their acquisition.

Claimant found that the Asset Managements Company of Nigeria, AMCON, had acquired the carrier on 8 February, which was contested by its managers in two actions already before the Federal Supreme Tribunal in Lagos. The Commission therefore requested the Tribunal to annul the hearings on the ground that the Ministry of Transport was not authorised to delegate the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the company to Ethiopian Airlines, while the actions concerning the acquisition were underway.

Ethiopian Airlines management has formally proposed to take over the disrupted company Arik Airlines, which, according to officials, represents more than half of the passengers in Nigeria. In an interview with the press, Esayas WoldeMariam, Ethiopian Airlines' managing director of internal affairs at Ethiopian Airlines, said the company had explained its policy to the Nigeria authorities and was awaiting its reply on the issue.

"WoldeMariam stated that we are in a position to handle the air carrier and intend to do so without giving full particulars of the tender. According to the head of the Egyptian carrier, he is expecting Arik to face rivalry from foreign carriers. Since the rescue package of the German Federal Administration in February, Arik has been run by the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON). The Arik Air flight between Abuja and Accra was cancelled in March after Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, was closed for airstrip work.

Abuja-Accra is a flight departing from Abuja at 17:30 hrs and Accra at 19:40 hrs every day. Captain Roy Ilegbodu said about the resumption bid of the ministry Abuja-Accra, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Arik Air: "Abuja-Accra's return to operations is part of the management's policy to optimise the flight plan and meet the needs of our esteemed clients.

"From the outset, Arik Air has been at the leading edge of delivering customer-focused service and we will remain responsive to our customers' needs". At the beginning of 2017, Arik Air was taken over by the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) and considered the carrier to be too large to collapse.

After the acquisition, all African departures and O.R. Tambo International Airport services have been phased out. At the same time, KPMG was commissioned by AMCON to carry out a litigation review of Arik Air's accounts. AMCON has since progressively revitalised and stabilised the carrier and its operation.

Following the reorganisation, the Romanian company discontinued all but Ghana, Senegal and Gambia flights and the airline's A330 fleets were left in France. Since its acquisition by the state-owned company, Airik Air has raised $4.7 million from the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).

In February 2017 AMCON took over the management of the carrier out of concern that the carrier would fail.

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