Fastest Light Jet

The fastest light jet

Fastest and widest light aircraft in the world SJ30 has a high-speed cruising of Mach 0.83 (486 ktas), a cruising distance of 2,500 nm and a height of 41,000 feet above sealevel. Featuring a high-curved blade for high, fuel-spraying cruising and front louvre blades and low proximity dampers, the SJ30 is a superb combination of aerodynamic and Williams FJ44-2A power.

With the SJ30, our clients get better access to global targets at an unbeatable price.

#5 Fastest Single-Pilot Jets - Blog

Cessna' s most progressive Citation jet, the CJ4, is by far the fastest 442 knot flying jet in the entire family. Cessna' s aim with the CJ4 was to offer owner and operator a quicker Citation jet with greater reach, without having to move up into the mid-size jet family. The Hondacraft Company's first airplane variant, the HondaJet HA-420, comes with a cruising rate that matches its name.

With 420 knot the HondaJet is the second fastest solo pilots aircraft in the can. HondaJet gets its velocity from light weight material, progressive Aerodynamik and two GE Honda HF120 turbfan-powered. Citation Encore, with a cruising rate of 419 kn, ranks third on our team. The Encore was also the biggest single-pilot jet in the entire manufacturing period (2006-2011), with a 17-foot cab length, four inch seating for seven people, and the tallest single-pilot jet in the entire family.

Encore+ has seen an upgrade in load capacity over its previous model, so the CJ4 and HondaJet keep the Encore+ at the forefront of versatile design. Cessna' s Citation Ultra is the oldest aircraft on this schedule, built from 1994 to 1999, and is connected to the Encore with a cruising rate of 419 kn.

In its heyday, the Ultra was one of the most powerful singles pilots in the whole wide range, covering both climbing rates and slope area. Until today the climbing rates are at the best level of those of singles pilots and the cruising time. Embraer's Phenom 300 was the most widely shipped commercial jet in the industry from 2013 to 2014, largely due to its stunning power at an accessible price.

Phenom 300's cruising speeds of 419 kn are connected to both Encore and Ultra.

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